Academics and Research

Academics and Research

As an educational institution, it is our primary responsiblity that we prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges of the world as they embark on their careers.  We also have a responsibility to instruct students on the qualifications required for good citizenship.  All of these efforts begin in the classroom and the research projects embarked on by our faculty and students.  The issue of sustainability integrates into many of our academic majors, minors, and individual classes and many of our faculty have recognized how this issue applies to their particular field of expertise and make efforts to teach these lessons to our students.  Through these efforts, our students will not only be prepared for how sustainability will be increasingly relevant in our finite world, but will also help establish a stronger culture and ethic of sustainability on our campus that will imbue future students with a similar perspective.

Please take an opportuntity to explore the links on the left and do not hestitate to contact the Sustainability Coordinator or Faculty Sustainability Fellow if you have any questions or comments.  If you are a faculty member looking to get more involved in sustainability issues, please review these materials from a recent LEARN Center workshop and contact us to discuss specifics.  We are here to assist in any way we can!  

"The most important environmental issue is one that is rarely mentioned, and that is the lack of a conservation ethic in our culture."

- Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin Senator and Governor, Founder of Earth Day

Earth Week 2010 keynote introduction by Chancellor Telfer