Meet Our Staff

Sustainability Office

The UW-Whitewater Sustainability Office consists of a mix of full-time staff, part-time faculty, and student support positions to help fulfill the various goals of the sustainability program on campus. Currently, the following individuals are affiliated with our sustainability efforts:

Sustainability Coordinator

Wes_EnterlineWes Enterline has been employed by UW-Whitewater since July 2008 and is the only person to date to hold the position of Sustainability Coordinator at UW-Whitewater.  He is also two-time graduate of UW-Whitewater, receiving a BBA in Computer End-User Technology in 2001 and a BS in Sociology and an Environmental Science-GIS minor in 2008.  Wes became interested in environmental issues after reading The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann and The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson and has continued advocacy for a reduced carbon economy that respects the biodiversity of our natural world.  In his free time, he can be found gardening or hiking one of Wisconsin's state parks during the growing seasons or reading, writing, and playing video games in the winter months.

Sustainability Fellow

This position was created in 2009 in an effort to promote the integration of sustainability topics into a variety of academic disciplines, concentrating on both curriculum and research.  Some of the activities typical to this position include the advancement of sustainability education in general education curriculum, co-chair of the Sustainability Council, advocating for inclusion of sustainability in institutional initiatives and reforms, and establish and maintain contact with other faculty members about sustainability activities across all disciplines, and partner with other groups and offices to train faculty on sustainability topics and infusion in the curriculum. 

Current Sustainability Assistants

The Sustainability Assistant student employment program was started with the hiring of the first student serving an internship for the Environmental Science major. This position started as the Sustainability Planning Intern. The second student hired was called the Campus Garden Student Manager. After that, future students were hired under the same Sustainability Assistant title and the job description was altered to reflect the shared responsibility of various aspects of our Engagement efforts. However, these students are still assigned special projects and areas of focus to avoid overlap.

Lorenzo Backhaus

Lorenzo_BackhausLorenzo was hired in September 2016 to assist with the Campus Garden, Upham Greenhouse, and Compost duties assigned to Sustainability Assistants in this position.  Lorenzo is working toward an Environmental Science major and was a natural fit for our programs as a regular volunteer and member of SAGE.  Now, as co-President of SAGE, Lorenzo has continued to get more students involved in our programs and is a dedicated and tireless activist for environmental issues, both locally and globally. 

Karl Brandstaetter

Karl_BrandstaetterKarl was hired in March 2015 as the Campus Garden Student Manager for the summer of 2015 and transitioned to the Sustainability Assistant role, performing a wide variety of tasks to support our active volunteer and community service programs.  He put a great degree of effort into his work and was responsible for much of our success during the 2015 and 2016 Campus Garden seasons.  Karl also managed the Prairie Seed Collection program during the 2016 season.  He has also been an active participant in our Stream Monitoring program efforts in Bluff Creek and Whitewater Creek, including serving on the Rock River Coalition Board of Directors and assisting in training many students of all ages on basic stream monitoring protocols.  Karl graduates in December 2016 with an Integrated Science-Business with Water emphasis degree and is exploring several career options that will allow him to continue his passion for environmental issues.

Ashley Flor

Ashley_FlorAshley started with the Sustainability Office in December 2015 and is working toward a BBA in Marketing.  She was hired to take on several aspects of our engagement programs and is one of the students holding the Marketing and Outreach tasks of the Sustainability Assistants.  Ashley continues to be instrumental in managing our office tasks, email, and social media accounts and supervises the UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative student-run marketing campaign through our partnership with Creative Marketing Unlimited. 

Hannah Roehr

Hannah_RoehrHannah was brought on with the Sustainability Office in October 2016 to assist with the Marketing and Outreach aspects of our engagement programs.  Hannah is working on a Biology and Integrated Science-Business double major.  She assists in a wide variety of ways, from data entry and email management, to helping plan and execute events like our first community cleanup.  Hannah has also participated in several of our volunteer programs and community outreach committee work and will continue to serve a valuable role to assist with our office administrative tasks.

Sustainability Assistant Alumni

Ashley Herzog

Ashley_HerzogAshley was hired in September 2015 as the Campus Garden Student Manager and worked until May 2016.  Ashley graduated with a General Business degree, but brought her love and passion for gardening and plants to the Campus Garden and Upham Greenhouse projects.  She played an instrumental role in planning our very successful 2016 season and was able to develop a regular volunteer base through her constant efforts in Upham Greenhouse.  Ashley also had a key role in managing the Prairie Seed Collection efforts during the 2015 season.  While Ashley wasn't with our office long and wasn't able to see through all of her planning efforts, her impact on the 2016 Campus Garden was significant.  She now lives in an off the grid cabin in Oregon with her boyfriend Austin (who was also an excellent volunteer)!

Michaela Borkovec

Michaela_BorkovecMichaela Borkovec graduated with an Environmental Science degree in December 2015 and worked with the Sustainability Office from January-December 2015.  Michaela was the first student employed by the Sustainability Office as the Sustainability Planning Intern, a position designed for internship credits with the primary goal of assisting with data collection and reporting for the Sustainability Rating and Tracking System (STARS).  Michaela also worked with the First Year Experience Office and explored ways to integrate sustainabilty into our freshman orientation programs.  Michaela has gone on to a career in environmental education and pursuing a graduate degree to advance her skills further.

Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) Current Interns and Alumni

AHEC summer intern programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and assistance to local health departments. Programs in each AHEC region across the state are somewhat different, but each has at its core a partnership with local health departments to develop research projects and provide mentoring for health professions students interested in an intensive summer experience in community health. The placement is 8 weeks during June and July.  Applications open in mid-December each year, so visit their website if you're interested in applying.

Stephanie Gogots

Stephanie_GogotsStephanie graduated with a BA in Corporate and Health Communication with a Marketing minor and was the first student to be employed with the Sustainability Office in any capacity.  She was the 2014 CHIP intern and was shared between working on the Campus Garden and for Working for Whitewater's Wellness (W3).  She coordinated social media efforts for W3 and implemented tactics to sustain the garden's potential to meet one of the aspects of W3's mission of Eating Wisely.  She created, coordinated, and led specific garden programs designed to involve and educate high school students visiting campus for various summer camps.  After graduation, Stephanie landed the Marketing Specialist and Clinic Liaison position with For HealthCare.  She is now employed by Hammes Company as the marketing coordinator where she handles all corporate marketing initiatives such as campaign support, coordination of conference and speaking engagements, publication relations, and communication strategy and digital expansion.  You can learn more about Stephanie's current health and fitness efforts from her Facebook page or blog.

Emily Held

Emily_HeldEmily was the 2015 CHIP intern for the UWW Campus Garden and our first dedicated CHIP intern to that project.  She graduated in May of 2016 with a degree in Dietetics and certificate in Global Health from UW-Madison.  With this background, she focused on access and availability to nutritious foods throughout her internship.  She worked with volunteers to promote the campus garden and teach gardening as a way to enhance wellness.  She also worked closely with the Whitewater City Market, creating an additional source of nutritious, locally produced foods for the Whitewater community.  Emily was a key individual in establishing the food pantry donation program with the City Market, which yields thousands of pounds of donated produce to benefit the Whitewater Food Pantry.

Erica Otto

Erica_OttoErica was the 2016 CHIP intern for the UWW Campus Garden, but was actually hired in April 2016 as a Sustainability Assistant to help transition the project prior the start of her internship.  Erica is working toward a degree in Corporate Health and Communication from UW-Whitewatert.  Erica helped fine tune the final planning for the garden and was key in overseeing the planting of our 2016 garden beds.  She also helped us start our first composting program, mainly serving pre-consumer waste from Larducci Pizzaria in Elkhorn (where Erica also worked) and The SweetSpot in Whitewater to establish our food waste capacity.  Erica was also instrumental in improving our the food pantry collection program with the City Market, especially by focusing on communicating recipes, storage tips, and other information about the produce to the volunteers and clients of the Food Pantry.  Erica has continued to assist with the compost program and serves as a backup Sustainabilty Assistant for our office.

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council was formed to continue the work of the Climate Commitment Committe, which was originally charged with the responsibility of responding to the American College and University President's Climate Commitment.  The Council embraces a broad definition of sustainability which includes three integrated aspects: environmental, social, and economic. Efforts on the UW-Whitewater campus seek to further and balance sustainability across each of these components.

The Council consists of 10-15 members and is co-chaired by a representative of Facilities, Planning and Management, and the Sustainability Fellow. Membership includes representatives from faculty, staff, and students. Members are expected to serve a two-year term. The council will convene monthly while classes are in session and as special needs arise. The council will also create working groups as needed for particular issues or projects.

Additional information about the Sustainability Council's activities can be found at their blog.

Sustainability Council Members as of Fall 2014:

  • Greg Swanson, Director of Facilities Planning and Management
  • Josh Mabie, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Languages and Literature
  • Eric Compas, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography & Geology
  • Wes Enterline, Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Planning and Management
  • Frank Bartlett, Director, University Housing
  • Ann Rakowiecki, Marketing Director, UW-W Dining Servies
  • Bob Barry, Executive Director, University Center
  • Jo Ann Oravec, Associate Professor, ITBE
  • Paul House, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department
  • Residence Life Student Sustainability Coordinator (or current supervisor)
  • Student Government Sustainability Director
  • Student Government Senator
  • Students Allied for a Greener Earth representative (SAGE)