Testing Accommodations

Test Takers with Disabilities Policy

According to The University of Wisconsin System Policy on Individuals with Disabilities, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in any program, service, or activity offered by the universities. Individuals with disabilities have a right to request accommodations.


Students needing to request accommodations for a national exam must follow the request process established by the testing company. This information can typically be found on the company's website, and the process and timeline varies for each company.

IF YOU ARE TAKING A PLACEMENT TEST (Math, English, or Foreign Language) 
Students who are requesting accommodations for a placement test should not use the online registration system at the Center for Placement Testing wesbite to sign up for a testing date.

Instead, have a teacher, high school counselor or principal (who has the professional expertise to describe the testing accommodations you will need) submit a letter on your high school letterhead to: Tim O'Connor 1025 W Johnson St. Madison, WI 53706 The letter must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your address, phone number, email address, and date of birth
  • The site at which you wish to take the placement test
    • If you are testing through a computer based test (CBT) program, then you should mention you want to test using CBT
  • The name of the UW campus you plan to attend for the upcoming semester
  • Description of appropriate testing accommodations for student

*Do not submit an IEP or other documentation. You will receive a letter from Tim O'Connor with instructions on how to schedule the test. Typically, accommodated testing requires an individual appointment at an approved testing site (students are encouraged to mention their need for accommodations when contacting the testing site). UW Placement testing does not authorize the use of a reader, because using a reader does not accurately reflect the language skills being tested.

Students seeking accommodations for departmental exams are required to follow the new student request process through the UW-Whitewater Center for Students with Disabilities. Information on the process can be found here: http://www.uww.edu/csd/apply-now. The student needs to request that CSD send their accommodations to the UW-Whitewater Testing Office. Once documentation from CSD approving the required accommodations has been received in the Testing Office, an appointment can be made by calling the Testing Office at (262) 472-5613. 

Accommodations are valid for one year and must be renewed after that time. Students are encouraged to apply for accommodations as early as possible.