Job Information and Applications

Students can apply to Campus Tutorial Services for a number of positions, either as volunteers or as paid employees.  All positions start at $12 an hour. Students in the colleges of Education and Business can use their hours of work in one of the programs for their community service requirements. Please refer to the Student Employee Handbook for full details on the hiring process and student-employee expectations.

In order to apply and be considered for employment, fill out our online job application listed below. If you have questions or issues at any point during the application process, please contact Campus Tutorial Services at (262)-472-1230 or email us at tutorctr@uww.edu.

Required Characteristics of Learning Assistants for Campus Tutorial Services

  • Ample Content Knowledge
  • Good Communication Skills
  • A Pedagogy Toolkit Comprised of Active Learning Principles
  • A Service Orientation
  • Friendly & Approachable
  • A desire to help people learn
  • Dependable, Trustworthy & Professional

If you have these characteristics and are interested in contributing your efforts to our mission of helping students succeed here at UW-Whitewater, apply by clicking the "Apply HERE" button above.

Learning Assistant Hiring Process

After a potential tutor submits the application, the Director of Campus Tutorial Services evaluates it based on the following:

  • Overall availability of the position in which the student applied for
  • Good grade point average
  • Minimum number of classes completed
  • Clear writing, with responses reflecting a strong desire to help people, not just "looking to make some money."
  • Faculty references (which are checked)

If those areas are satisfactory, the candidate will be asked to schedule an interview at the Chrisman Success Center. Questions typically asked will be, "Why do you want to be a tutor? What do you think a tutor does? How do you define academic success?" For math applicants, an assessment of content knowledge will be administered following the interview. For writing applicants, assessments of MLA, APA, and Chicago-style documentation will be administered, along with an assessment of grammatical rules. 

If the interview goes well, the candidate will be invited to participate in a tutoring "Try Out" session. This is a time when individuals interested in tutoring (applicants) first observe senior tutors working with clients and eventually do some volunteer tutoring under the watch of the senior tutor. It is an opportunity for applicants to see if the job is right for them.  If all goes well, the tutor will be offered a contract for the next semester. In the time remaining in the current semester, the tutor will undergo paid training.

New Student Hire Paperwork Process

After you have applied to Campus Tutorial Services and have been hired, please visit the HR office (located in Hyer Hall 330) between 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. During your HR appointment, you will fill out the required paperwork that all students who work on campus must complete.

After you have done this, your official hiring request will be processed; this can take up to a week. Once you've been officially hired, you will be granted access to your MyUW Portal. On this website, you will need to fill out both your W-4 and your direct deposit information.

Finally, you will be emailed instructions regarding a security feature called Duo MFA. You will need to follow these instructions in order to download the Duo app, which will add an additional level of security to all of your UW-Whitewater-affiliated accounts.

After you have completed the above steps, you are all set to begin working!

HR Office Phone: 262-472-1024

HR Office Email: hr@uww.edu 


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