James R. Connor University Center


Marco Marquez“Working as a Building Manager at the UC was a great experience. I was able to hone in on my problem-solving skills when faced with challenges during my shifts. The environment was very welcoming and it was a joy to work under my supervisor Jay Craggs. I garnered great relationships and networking opportunities with the UC staff. It made me appreciate all the work that goes into running a great building such as the James R. Connor University Center.”
Marco Marquez

Selena Mixon-Perez“Working for Roberta’s Art Gallery, I was able to be a part of an effective team, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with many departments within the UC. I was also able to network and build professional relationships. My job took me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to push my limits. I can now apply skills I have learned in the classroom, my personal life, and from my job. I believe that working in the UC helped me to become the business woman I am destined to be.

I spent the Summer of 2018 working with the UC, which connected me to the community of Whitewater. Not only did the job teach me about my major but it taught me other essential skills that will assist me with my future career. When I decided to take another opportunity, all of my co-workers were very supportive, and my supervisors were willing to help me with future employment.

Everyone I had contact with is professional, understanding, and innovative, which created a healthy work environment. I will definitely refer someone to work in the UC because there are many jobs that are great for any college student.”
Selena Mixon-Perez

Selena Mixon-Perez“Working in the UC as a Marketing Assistant and as an Administrative Assistant was a valuable experience. I was able to improve my problem-solving, time management, and networking skills while working in a collaborative environment. Both roles pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided opportunities to apply what I learned in the classroom. I enjoyed being able to work with a variety of departments, and will cherish the life-long friendships and skills that I built while working in the UC.”
Alec Meixelsperger

Selena Mixon-Perez“As a Graphic Designer at the James R. Connor University Center, I was able to gain valuable skills and experience you just can’t get in a classroom. In the Department of Graphics and Marketing, I was able to collaborate with like-minded creatives to learn how to present the strong, cohesive, and welcoming brand of the UC. The open, creative environment paired with great feedback from dedicated and resourceful designers helped push my designs to the next level. I was also able to network and build strong relationships with friendly people from all over the UC. Working at the UC was an extraordinary opportunity that gave me a significant head start in my career.”
Kristen Humphrey