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Want to join our team at the James R. Connor University Center? Read about the positions and then fill out the application below or at Handshake to be considered.

If you have any questions, please see our frequently asked questions or email UC Employment.

All students that work on campus must complete the paperwork found HERE

The James R. Connor University Center hires for the following semester and the following positions may not be open to receiving applicants. Please visit Handshake for a complete listing of open positions in the UC and reapply when a position becomes available.

These positions in addition to their roles in the unit receive paid professional development during their time as an intern and are a year in length. They can be reapplied for as well.


Positions Hired for Spring

  • Budget Intern (Works with segregated fees and student organizations)
  • Marketing Intern 
  • Homecoming Steering Committee – Chair
  • Homecoming Steering Committee – Vice Chair
  • Marketing Intern (video/photography experience a plus)
  • Warhawk Connection Center Intern
  • Involvement Intern


Positions Hired Starting in the Fall

  • Budget Intern
  • Marketing Intern (Social Media)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Greek Intern Involvement Intern
  • HR Intern
  • Professional Development Intern
  • Warhawk Connection Center Intern
  • UC Project Intern
  • Botany Intern
  • Financial Assistant
  • Finance Student Manager
  • HR Intern 
  • Retail Services Student Manager
  • Level I Computer Tech Assistant
  • Level II Computer Tech Assistant
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Video Production Assistant 
  • Student Assistant
  • Desk Attendant 
  • Ticket Lead
  • Student Manager
  • Student Manager- Training Lead
  • Student Manager Administrative Lead
  • Building Manager
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Reservations Office Assistant
  • Set-Up Crew
  • Tech Crew
  • Entertainment Assistant 
  • Exhibit Lead
  • General Gallery Assistant
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Student Manager
  • PR Intern
  • Ticket Services Sales Associate
  • Ticket Graduate Assistant
  • Student Ticket Manager
  • Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Assistant
  • Student Porter
  • Work Crew
  • Desk Attendant
  • Desk Attendant Student Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • League Coordinator
  • Marketing & Events Intern
  • Tournament Coordinator
  • Pin Chaser
  • Pin Chaser Student Manager
  • Warhawk Pantry Student Assistant