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Weekly Meal Plans

For the spring 2023 semester, in the “Meal Plan per Week” table below, the cost of the meal plan is determined by the choice of a weekly meal plan and $50 or $100 Add-On Dining Dollars. These four plans give students flexibility to create a plan that fits their individual needs. For example, if you choose 14 meals per week ($1,330) with the $50 Dining Dollars ($50) your cost would be $1,380. Final plan pricing reflects allowances for partial weeks when fewer meals are offered.

MEAL PLAN Per Week $50 $100
10 Meals ($1306)
14 Meals ($1330)
19 Meals ($1362)
24 Meals ($1396)

Dining Dollar Meal Plans

This plan does not provide any weekly meals, only Dining Dollars which may be used at any dining location on campus. The redemption value of the plan is the actual dollar value in Dining Dollars that you will have to spend during the semester. Students desiring only Dining Dollars may choose the following plan:

Full Dining Dollars Plan $935 (about 6-7 meals per week.)
Students not required to have a meal plan may choose the following plan:

MyMeals Meal Plans

For more information on this meal plan click here!

MyMeals plan (25 Meals)
MyMeals plan (50 Meals)
MyMeals plan (75 Meals)
MyMeals plan (10* Meals)
Actual price per meal

*First enrollment for each academic year must be at least 25 meals.

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