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Meal Plans & Dining Dollars

The UW-Whitewater Warhawk Dining meal plans provide exceptional value for both students residing in University Housing and off-campus members of the University community. The Warhawk Dining meal plan program provides you with a wide variety of fresh meals to choose from all day long,  AND they offer the convenience of no clean up or shopping for food.

Summer Dining Dollar Plans

  • Summer Dining Dollar Plans are effective Monday, May 20, 2024 and are placed on the student bill. Summer Dining Dollar Plans can be purchased at the HawkCard Office (UC Rm 250) or by email
  • For Summer 2024, the overhead charge for purchasing a Summer Dining Dollar plan has been waived. Students can purchase 300 Dining Dollars with the entire amount being available to use to dine on campus
  • When Dining Dollars are used there is a savings of 10 to 15% depending on location, plus sales tax! Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased at any time
  • Unused Dining Dollars will roll over into your Fall 2024 meal plan once it has been verified. If you are not enrolled in a Fall 2024 meal plan, Dining Dollars would expire August 30, 2024
  • For questions about Dining Dollars, please contact the HawkCard Office in University Center Room 250 at 262-472-1437 or HawkCard@uww.edu

Summer On-Campus Dining Options

According to university policy, freshmen and sophomore students are required to reside in University operated residence halls during the academic year. If students wish to be exempt from the "Residency Requirement," they need to file the Application for Exemption form prior to signing a housing contract.

As stated in the University Housing Contract, "if you are a freshman or sophomore, you also agree to subscribe to one meal plan offered at the University."

If students wish to be exempt from the meal plan requirement, they need to meet one of the criteria below and contact the HawkCard Office with their request. Exceptions to the meal plan include:

  1. Students who have completed 60 credits or more
  2. Married students
  3. Veterans
  4. Students who have resided in the residence halls for at least two full years
  5. Students recognized by the University as having independent status
  6. Students with junior, senior, or commuter status
  7. Students 21 years of age or older

Exemptions to the mandatory meal plan policy will not be granted for employment reasons, class schedule conflicts, or for financial hardship. Exemptions requested due to medical conditions will be referred to the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD).

  • Diverse Dining Options: Enjoy multiple entrees per meal in our dining halls, including vegetarian dishes, home-style favorites, and international cuisine. With such variety, you’re sure to satisfy your appetite!
  • Convenient App Access: Download our app to skip lines and access your meals effortlessly. No need to carry cash or race back to your room for a nutritious meal.
  • Socialize on Campus: Share meals with friends right here on campus.
  • Wide Coverage: Choose from 7 campus locations, each offering a variety of delicious choices.
  • On-Campus Dietitian: Need dietary advice? Our on-campus dietitian is available to help you make informed and healthy food choices, ensuring you meet your nutritional needs.
  • Delicious without Station: Concerned about allergies? Esker Dining Hall features a Delicious without Station, providing safe and delicious options for those with dietary restrictions.

Remember, downloading the app is a game-changer for skipping lines and enjoying your meals hassle-free!

Yes. Meal plan changes will be accepted during the second and third weeks of fall semester and the first two weeks of spring semester. Changes are effective the following Monday. Changes to a meal plan may be made in person at the HawkCard Office (UC 250) or by using our online change form which is active during the change period.

*Students that are required to have a meal plan but have not signed up for one will automatically be enrolled in the 14 meals per week and $50 Add-on Dining Dollars.


Check out the Warhawk Dining website to find out more information about where to use your meal plan at each campus dining location.

Meal Equivalency allows Weekly Meal Plan participants the flexibility to use their meal plan in retail dining areas outside of the All You Care To Eat locations: Drumlin, Esker, and the University Center’s Ike Schaffer Commons Breakfast.

  • What is a meal equivalency swipe?
    • A meal equivalency swipe of $7.50 is applied to the total purchase.
    • One meal swipe will be deducted from your weekly meal swipe allotment (10, 14, 19, or 24).
  • What happens if I go over the meal equivalency rate when making a purchase?
    • Any amount over the meal equivalency rate must be paid for by using Dining Dollars, Purple Points, Cash or Credit Card.
      • For example, if your purchase total cost is $9.00, you may use your meal swipe for an equivalency rate of $7.50 and the remaining $1.50 would have to be paid with any of the options listed above.
  • What happens if not all of the meal equivalency rate is spent at time of purchase?
    • Meal Equivalency rates are not redeemable for cash. Any amount under the meal equivalency rate of $7.50 will not receive the difference.
      • For example, if your total at the time of purchase is $6.50, you will not receive the remaining $1.00 that was unused.
  • When can I use meal equivalency?
    • Meal Equivalency can only be used once per meal period.
    • Meal Equivalency can be used at any on-campus dining location outside of the All You Care To Eat locations, with the exception of Thought Station (Andersen Library) and Victory Station (Williams Center).
  • There are multiple ways you can check your account balance:
    • Any dining location. The cashier can complete a balance check when asked.
    • Stop by the HawkCard Office
    • Online using the Online HawkCard Office
      • Instructions to register and use the Online HawkCard Office are here.
      • Download the app for extra convenience. Search for “Transact eAccounts” in your phone’s app store.

Ask the Dietitian

Warhawk Dining has an full-time on-campus Dietitian. Students are encouraged to reach out to the campus dietitian for any dietary meal accommodations. They can help navigate through campus and help find options that fit anyone’s personal needs. Warhawk Dining shall make every effort to accommodate a student's special dietary needs. In most cases, an accommodation can be made.

Ask the Dietitian

Meal Accommodations

Warhawk Dining shall make every effort to accommodate a student's special dietary need. In most cases an accommodation can be made.  After the student has met with the campus dietitian and it has been determined that Warhawk Dining is unable to satisfy a student’s special dietary need, the student will be directed to the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). CSD staff members will determine whether the student shall be released from any existing meal plan contract. Students will be required to provide written evidence from a physician that identifies specific circumstances that require special dietary consideration or exemption.  

If you wish to cancel your meal plan, please refer to the dropdown at the top labeled "Am I required to have a meal plan?" to be sure you are eligible.

Click here to cancel your meal plan.

Click here to view the Meal Plan and Dining Dollars terms and conditions.