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"I am always able to get an appointment in a timely manner... I choose UHCS over any other place every time." UW-W student

"The service at the health center as well as the counseling is very professional and we can definitely tell that the provider cares." UW-W Student

For a Health Clinic appointment
There are several ways to make a health clinic appointment:

  • Online: click the "My UHCS" button on the right and enter your university-assigned username and password to access our secure Electronic Medical Records portal.
  • Call: 262-472-1300, menu option 1.
  • Visit: First floor of the Ambrose Health Center between 8 and 4:30 (Monday - Friday).

Minor illnesses or injuries are offered an appointment within 3 days. Same-day appointments may be available. Routine visits, such as immunizations, physicals and reproductive exams, will be offered an appointment within 2 to 4 weeks. No appointment is needed to purchase condoms or to pick up medication refills.

96% of our Health Clinic patients stated that they were seen immediately at their scheduled appointment time.

Coronavirus: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our counselors are still here for you and are available via telephone and/or video.  Please call 262-472-1305 to make an appointment to speak with one of our counselors.

For a Counseling appointment: call 262-472-1305 or stop in the second floor of the Ambrose Health Center between 8 and 4:30 (Monday - Friday) or if calling is anxiety inducing you may  email us and we will call you. For urgent concerns there is a counselor available without appointment for crisis intervention when the Counseling Service is open.

Need a speaker for your class, floor, or organization? Schedule a Wellness program online or call 262-472-1882.

Last Updated: 05/22/19


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