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University Marketing and Communications

UW-Whitewater storytelling support and marketing solutions

University Marketing and Communications is UW-Whitewater’s resource for communications, storytelling, media relations, graphic design, social media and more. Our office leads strategic marketing efforts to increase enrollment and retention, and supports efforts of the Chancellor’s Office and University Advancement. Looking for a campus story? You’ll probably find it in the story archive. We also manage the university’s digital asset management system, a searchable archive of thousands of high-quality photos, campus logos and other artifacts — available to anyone with a UW-Whitewater NetID and password. We’re also here to answer any questions about licensing and brand usage that our Campus Identity Standards don’t answer. In addition, we produce Warhawk Weekly, an e-newsletter regularly sent out to all faculty, staff and students.

Questions? See below for more information on what we do and who you can contact regarding our various services.

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Marketing services and project requests

University Marketing and Communications is happy to help with your marketing and communication efforts in support of the UW-Whitewater brand. For any project, big or small, please fill out a project request form.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office collaborates with University Marketing and Communications on a variety of promotional materials (booklets, one-pagers) that faculty, staff and students are welcome to use to provide information about the university to prospective students at your on- and off-campus events, presentations, etc.

To request materials for your future presentation or event, please fill out the admissions promotional materials online request form.

University Marketing and Communications is happy to review and edit your Spanish-language content or to arrange for it to be professionally translated. For any project, big or small, please reach out to Kristine Zaballos at for details.

Business card production has been moved to the University Bookstore. Please contact Ernesto Partida,, for assistance with business cards.

You can order name badges directly from Dynamic Awards and Apparel. Badges are $10 each, including delivery.

Story ideas, news and writing resources

We are always looking for great story ideas. If you know of a student, faculty or staff member, or alum who deserves a shout-out, email us at

We love so many things about UW-Whitewater — including how much love we get for Warhawk Weekly! This campus-wide newsletter is sent on Mondays when class is session. The deadline is noon, Wednesday, the week prior. Submissions may be edited.

Please use this form to submit content for Warhawk Weekly.

Our goals are clarity, consistency and brevity. In general, our office follows Associated Press style, “Garner’s Modern American Usage” and “Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.” Our style guide is linked below. For Universities of Wisconsin usage, visit their style guide.

Learn more about the UW-Whitewater English style guide »

Our goal is that our Spanish-language information is as clear, consistent and brief as our English-language information. Our tone to all audiences is warm and welcoming.

Learn more about the UW-Whitewater Spanish-language style guide »

Our office is charged with managing campus-wide announcements, also known as broadcast emails. This system is designed to facilitate the dissemination of critical information to the campus community. Any administrative unit or academic department associated with UW-Whitewater may post an announcement request as long as it meets university policy. Once approved, the announcement will be posted to the Announcements website and will be sent to campus groups via a mass email. The system is not meant for general event promotion — events should be posted on the campus calendar.

To request an announcement or to view an archived announcement, visit the UW-Whitewater announcements website.

Visual brand, photos, video and social media

Our visual identity is an important part of who we are. It sparks recognition and a sense of belonging. To maintain our reputation for excellence, it is essential that we all work together to ensure the UW-Whitewater identity is applied consistently everywhere. A unified brand identity makes our university stronger.

Learn more about the UW-Whitewater brand identity guidelines »

UW-Whitewater's searchable archive, or digital asset management system (DAM), of university photography from 2012-present is available for students, staff and faculty to use for university-related purposes via the UW-Whitewater Libris library. You will need your Net ID and password to log in. We are uploading new and archived photos continually, so check back often!

Persons, businesses or organizations who wish to film on university property for commercial purposes must receive express consent via a facilities use contract. Contact Jeff Angileri, executive director of University Marketing and Communications at for more information.

Quick tips for making a professional portrait:

  1. Most cameras perform well with auto-exposure and auto-focus settings, so use those. For iPhone or Android, set the camera to its highest resolution. With a digital camera, use the RAW or LARGE JPEG settings.
  2. Most phone cameras can zoom in and out by dragging your thumb and index finger on the screen. Drag the frame into the middle range between wide angle and telephoto. Avoid wide angle lenses which distort features and make subjects look smaller and farther away.
  3. Avoid doing a selfie. Have someone else photograph you.
  4. Indoors, position your subject near a window on a sunny day where the light coming through the window is diffused, not direct sunlight. Turn off electric lights and florescent tubes in the room so the natural light is the only light.
  5. Outdoors, if you are limited to the harsh light of mid-day, find some partial shade where the sun is reflecting from bright surfaces like buildings, stone, water and glass. Avoid deep shade. Early and late in the day, sunlight has a soft, warm quality which is especially pleasing for portraiture.
  6. Background is what we can see behind the subject. Keep the background simple. Some photographers are so intent on the subject, they forget to notice the tree branches, power lines and clutter in the background.
  7. Now you’re ready to put your subject in the setting you’ve selected. If you have a wall or solid surface for a backdrop, ask your subject to move forward from the wall a few steps. Ask her to look at the camera but twist at the waist toward the main light source so that one shoulder is closer and more three-dimensional.
  8. Make it a team effort and have fun. How the subject feels—stressed, relaxed, nervous, confident—will be seen in the picture. Compose the picture by moving closer or farther away from your subject, or stand on a stool for a view from above.
  9. Know how the picture will be used. If you want to have prints made, you likely will need the resolution of a DSLR camera. If online is the goal, the iphone or android camera may be all you need.

If you have questions about portraits or other kinds of pictures, feel free to email photographer Craig Schreiner at

Blogs, social networks and websites are exciting channels to share information and connect with others. UW-Whitewater is active in these online communities and supports the participation of colleges, departments and other units, as well.

University Marketing and Communications manages all university-level social media accounts. These currently include Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Learn more about social media best practices »

We know how much time you spend on Webex — or Zooms or Teams — and wanted to provide some special video backdrops to jazz up your next meeting or presentation. Visit our digital asset management platform to select a backdrop and put it to use. For information on how to upload the images on your video platform of choice, follow the links below.

Webex video backdrops »
Zoom video backdrops »
Microsoft Teams video backdrops »

The best practices for submitting your videos for publication:

  1. Go to your camera record settings and if possible, set them to 1080p HD or 720p HD.
  2. Unless otherwise requested, always film subjects with the camera in a horizontal position.
  3. When recording sound, place camera no further than two or three feet from subject. Record indoors in a quiet location.
  4. Light subjects from the front and avoid bright lights or windows behind subjects.
  5. Secure camera on a tripod or stand if possible. Otherwise, hold camera as steady as possible.
  6. When recording yourself, position the camera at eye level to avoid ceilings, lights and create a more pleasing angle.
  7. Wait a few seconds before and after speaking and continue to look at camera before reaching to turn camera on or off.
  8. Wear solid colors (except all-white or black tops unless with a jacket/sweater). No commercial logos, unless it’s UW-Whitewater gear.
  9. If you want to submit videos on a regular basis, you can increase the quality of your videos by purchasing accessories like a tripod or stand, an external microphone or lights.
  10. Download your videos to a shared drive like Google Drive. Videos that are 20MB or less can be emailed.

Please contact videographer Kyle Winter at with any questions.

Jeff Angileri
Executive Director

Kristine Zaballos
Assistant Director

Our visual identity is an important part of who we are. It sparks recognition and a sense of belonging. To maintain our reputation for excellence, it is essential that we all work together to ensure the UW-Whitewater identity is applied consistently everywhere. A unified brand identity makes our university stronger.

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