Hired Before Graduation

Celebrating Graduating Warhawks

At UW-Whitewater, we couldn’t be more proud of our graduating students and what you have achieved. Our Hired Before Graduation campaign, updated under COVID-19 to be Warhawks Rising, is one of the ways campus comes together to celebrate our 2020 graduates, who are all members of the university’s 150th graduating class.

Warhawks Rising

Our traditional Hired Before graduation campaign was updated in spring 2020 to reflect that many post-graduation plans might have changed under the COVID-19 pandemic and to focus on celebrating students’ achievement while on campus.

With the Warhawks Rising campaign, 2020 graduates can:

  • Submit a celebratory photo of their choosing, following our guidelines. Have some fun with it by posing with a favorite pet or with your decorated mortarboard!
  • Share the three achievements you are most proud of from your time on campus — from winning a Homecoming competition to getting that internship. Of course, you are welcome to share that job you landed or that grad school acceptance as an achievement.
  • Honor a faculty or staff member who made an impact on you. (We share the accolades with them, to ensure they don’t miss them. Believe us, it makes their day.)
  • Share your Warhawks Rising campaign post with your family, friends and colleagues.

Go here to participate in the Warhawks Rising campaign for December commencement, 2020. The more details on the form you provide, the better the resulting post will be (check out the May 2019 campaign for ideas).

View last semester's campaign.

Hired Before Graduation

Since 2013, every year a record number of students have participated in the university’s Hired Before Graduation social media campaign. Students who landed a job, earned admission to graduate school or started a company before commencement were invited to have a professional photo taken and posted to social media in what became a highly anticipated and celebrated tradition at the university. More than 360 students participated in 2019.

The Hired Before Graduation campaign is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is replaced by our Warhawks Rising campaign.