Undergraduate Research Program
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Undergraduate Research Grant

The Undergraduate Research grants are available to students of sophomore status or higher and are student-led.  The project must be endorsed by a faculty/staff member who would preside as the student researcher's mentor during the academic year the grant application is submitted.  Multiple students may apply for a grant.  Student researchers will not receive salary/wages from the project, and all projects that are funded are expected to submit an abstract to either the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or the University of Wisconsin Symposium on Research and Creative Activities and present at the respective applied conference.  This grant is the most popular among student researchers, making it the largest grant category among the Undergraduate Research Program.

Research Scholars Program

This program seeks to enhance undergraduate research among new and existing faculty/staff.  Faculty/staff may request salaries to hire undergraduates to assist them in their research.  Students get the opportunity to collaborate with a faculty's research and further their skills in research.  Research Assistants are encouraged to present their results at Undergraduate Research Program Day and consider applying for an URP grant to continue the project as appropriate.

Group Grants

This grant is designed and targeted to support a group of students working on the same project mentored by one or more faculty/staff members.  The team of students is expected to present their conclusions of the project at an off-campus presentation/competition.  The students should not be applying individually for an Undergraduate Research Grant.  

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

SURF is categorized into two groups.  This grant is highly competitive and involves active participation of student researchers within the Undergraduate Research Program for a full academic year.   SURF UWW offers a limit of 15 grants and SURF CBR offers a limit of 4 grants.  Submission of an application does not guarantee grant acceptance and funding.

  • SURF UWW:  A ten-week mentored summer research grant.  Students must be of sophomore status or higher.  Fellows will devote ten weeks of full time effort (40 hours per week) to their project.  It is important that the applicant(s) is/are enthusiastic about their project; SURF is not simply a "summer job."
  • SURF CBR:  The UW-Whitewater School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, in partnership with the Undergraduate Research Program, awards up to four Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Community Based Research (SURF CBR) to support research for targeted communities in Wisconsin.  SURF CBR provides opportunities for students to develop research projects that apply to their academic skills, experiences, and ideas to real world issues.  All academic fields are eligible.

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URP information
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  • Campus E-mail:  rap@uww.edu
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