Undergraduate Research Program


James Theodore Anderson

James Theodore Anderson

The undergraduate research program has allowed me to truly experience what the research environment is like. Working on my Volatile analysis project gave me valuable experience with reaseaching, utilizing chemistry equipment, and gave me unparalleled presentation skills.

Before I started my undergraduate research I was afraid of my career path and where my career direction was going. Through the program I was given the confidence and the experience needed to pursue my aspirations as a chemist. Along with the experience it also gave me grant writing experience and looks fantastic on a resume. This program gave me a huge boost when applying to any position and I am grateful to it.

I would recommend any student who has even the slightest though of applying for the Undergraduate Research Program to jump right into it. It is a fun experience that buildings skills. Along with skill building, it connects you with a mentor who will guide you through the process and will be a lasting connection for you career search. Overall, I recommend any interested student to apply and pursue their research!!"

Cole Lindwall

Cole Lindwall

My involvement in undergraduate research has benefited me in many ways, and I picked up a lot of skills that are attractive to employers. As a part of the undergraduate research program, I developed my problem-solving skills, my confidence with public speaking, and the ability to manage a project. As I prepared to enter the workforce, I interviewed with multiple companies and all of them were impressed with my experiences as a part of the undergraduate research program here at UW-Whitewater (even though the companies weren't even in the same field/industry). I ended up with multiple attractive offers and ended up accepting a job as a technical solutions engineer at Epic Systems in Verona, WI.

Robin Witt's

Robin Witt

I joined the URP program during my freshman year. The experiences that I have built up in this program are second-to-none. I have aided in my first publication and I am working on my second. During interviews for graduate school and prestigious internships, a recurring topic is my involvement in undergraduate research. I believe this program has aided in my ability to compete for positions within industry and academia.

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Jake Minx

Joining Undergraduate Research was the best decision that I have made. The procedures that are performed in Undergraduate Research enforce material covered in classes and it is a good way to get involved on campus. Additionally, many jobs will require experience as an entry level position - Undergraduate Research allows students to gain that experience while under the supervision of a professor. Many skills are learned in Undergraduate Research such as learning to be independent in a research type setting, grant writing, presenting, and the list goes on. I have learned a lot from Undergraduate Research.

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Henry Rohde

As a result of my undergraduate research into quiver representations, Lie theory, and cluster algebras, I have some idea of what studying mathematics in graduate school may be like. I also got to see the parallels between theorems in my math research and my previous coursework, which was amazing to see. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research to do so.

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