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The Doctorate of Business Administration cohorts feature a rich variety of backgrounds, circumstances and aspirations. Though each DBA student strives toward the same degree completion goal, their individual paths and hurdles are unique and their efforts to stay the course are inspirational.

Academic History

Academic history: First DBA students successfully defend dissertations

Stephen Gray successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, “Credit Decisions and the Effects of Earnings Quality,” on May 23, 2017; and Brian Huels defended his dissertation, “Antecedents to Taxpayer Compliance: Essays exploring the influence of personality and culture,” on June 13, 2017. 

DBA Student Henry Balani - 2014 Cohort

Henry Balani: Men, Angels and Government Regulation

Global Head of Strategic Affairs | Accuity, Division of Reed Business Information, Reed Elsevier

Degree completion: August 2017 

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DBA Student Julia Davidyan - 2014 Cohort

Julia Davidyan

Chief Audit Officer | Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Degree completion: August 2017 

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DBA Student John Good - 2014 Cohort

John Good

Executive Director of Safety | United States Air Force Global Strike Command Headquarters

Degree completion: November 2017

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DBA Student Stephen Gray - 2014 Cohort

Stephen Gray

Senior Associate Instructor | Western Illinois University

Degree completion: May 2017

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DBA Student Aaron Kinney - 2014 Cohort

Aaron Kinney

Executive Director – Cardiac Service Line | Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Degree completion: November 2017 

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DBA Student John Muraski - 2014 Cohort

John Muraski

Senior Lecturer | University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Business

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DBA Student Amelia Ruzzo - 2014 Cohort

Amelia Ruzzo

Information Technology Executive | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Degree completion: November 2017 

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