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Graduate Financial Assistance

UW-Whitewater provides a number of sources of financial assistance for graduate students. Eligible graduate students may apply for the following:

  1. Graduate Assistantships
  2. Research grants

All application forms for financial assistance must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. Be sure to note the application deadlines for the different types of financial assistance.  Note also the requirements for each, as explained below in the links below in more detail.   In addition, there are sources of funding for historically underrepresented groups:

  1. Advanced Opportunity Grants
  2. McNair Scholar Certification

To apply for these, eligible graduate students should contact: Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Diversity, Engagement and Success.  Graduate students seeking loan information should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Military personnel who have been on active duty within three years of their application to a UW-Whitewater graduate program are also eligible for an admission fee waiver upon submitting a certification form from their undergraduate institution.  The certification of Active Military status form is found below under Additional Financial Opportunities.  

Graduate Assistantships

Students who have never been offered a graduate assistant in any previous year must submit two forms, the Graduate Assistantship Application and the Graduate Assistantship Supervisor Referral Form (completed by a student’s supervisor or a professor familiar with the student’s work or academic history).

Students who have been offered a graduate assistant in the past will only need to submit the Graduate Assistantship Application.

Students who lose eligibility for Graduate Assistantships may request re-qualification by completing the procedure explained in the Graduate Assistantship Appeal Process. Graduate students in Communication may apply for certain Instructional Assistantships.

Note: You must submit a new Graduate Assistant Application for each academic year for which you are seeking employment.

    Additional Financial Opportunities

    Graduate Research Grants - Available to all degree-seeking students.
    Advanced Opportunity Grants (AOP) - Available to historically underrepresented students.
    McNair Scholar Certification - Application to waive graduate admission fees for McNair Scholars.
    Active Military Status Certification - Application to waive graduate admission fees for military personnel who have been on active duty.

    Financial Aid Office