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While we do everything we can to make a graduate education as affordable as possible, sometimes you need a little more help. That's why there are multiple forms of financial aid for graduate school. Eligible students may apply for Graduate Assistantships or research grants to help offset some of the expense.

You can apply for graduate school financial aid by submitting application forms to the Financial Aid Office. Be sure to pay attention to the application deadlines for the different types of financial aid as they do vary.

Graduate Assistantships

One option to help pay for your grad school education is a Graduate Assistantship. These 50% positions are for full-time graduate students in good standing, which result in 14-20 hours of work per week and are paid a fixed salary.

There are a limited number of the assistantships available on campus, so be sure to apply early. Once you apply, the programs and offices review applications and hire as needed. The duties vary by department and will be determined if and when you are hired. 

Sound interesting? Then check out the Graduate Assistantship site for all the details.


Loss of Eligibility

In the event that you lose eligibility for Graduate Assistantships, you may request re-qualification by completing the procedure explained in the Graduate Assistantship Appeal Process.

Graduate Research Grants

Another option to help defray some of the expenses of graduate school are Graduate Research Grants. These are grants for you to spend toward either conducting research or presenting the results of your research. Again, there are a limited number available and require a faculty mentor’s letter of support, so be sure to apply early.

Typically, these grants have funded printing costs of research posters, travel, and registration for a state-level research conference.

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Graduate School Loans

If you are interested in a loan as part of your graduate school financial aid, you can contact the Financial Aid Office to find out about the available options.

Special Circumstances

In an effort to extend a graduate school opportunity to historically underrepresented groups, we also offer the following graduate school financial aid. 

Advanced Opportunity Grants (AOP) »
McNair Scholar Certification »

Eligible graduate students should contact the Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Diversity, Engagement and Success for more information. 


Are you military personnel who has been on active duty within the past three years? Apply today and you will be eligible for an admission fee waiver when you submit a certification form from your undergraduate institution. You will also need to submit a Certification of Active Military Status Form.