Alternative Testing

E-Purple Slip (Alternative Testing Request Form)

Faculty, students and the Center for Students with Disabilities share responsibility for accommodating test-takers with disabilities. The preference is that all students, disabled and non-disabled, will take exams within the academic department. Coordinating test administrations, including accommodated exams, within academic departments maintains exam integrity and security. It offers students the opportunity to have questions answered. Keeping students with disabilities in the class for exams gives them an equal opportunity to participate in the same exam process as all other students.

In situations where nonstandard accommodations cannot be provided within the academic department, students may request alternative testing accommodations from CSD. Such situations may include a student needing an adaptive computer, reader or scribe as part of the approved accommodation.

In order to receive nonstandard testing accommodations, alternative testing must be identified as an approved accommodation on the student's Verified Individual Services Accommodation (VISA) form. Students will notify instructors of his or her need for alternative testing by providing them with an accommodation form. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the conversation with their faculty member about how testing will be coordinated. If it is determined that alternative testing needs to be conducted at CSD, it is the student's responsibility to discuss testing coordination with his or her assigned Key Contact.

The student is responsible for schedule each exam taken in CSD. Students need to complete the E-Purple Slip (Alternative Testing Request).

Need help? Please watch this short video explaining how to submit an E-Purple request.