Institutional Policy and Compliance

Practice Directives and Procedures

Providing clear guidelines for the campus community.

Practice Directives and Procedures are guiding principles for decision-making and related processes at all levels of the organization.

They serve the purpose of:

  • standardizing Administrative processes
  • encouraging transparency
  • ensuring easy access to resources and other important information
  • aiding in promoted understanding of University compliance as well as UW System, State and Federal policies

The Quality Assurance Improvement Manager works with subject-matter experts to ensure these guidelines are aligned with compliance best practices. Drafts are finalized and shared with Chancellor's Cabinet for approval. Review all approved Practice Directives and Procedures in the next tab.

Contact the Quality Insurance Improvement Manager at or (262) 472-1772.

See below for instructions that provide guidance for drafting your own Practice Directives and Procedures. Make sure you send these drafts to the Quality Assurance Improvement Manager for review and assistance with finalization:

Templates for downloading: