Institutional Policy and Compliance

Institutional Policy and Compliance

The following is a non-exhaustive list that is  intended to raise awareness of certain workplace conduct rules, policies, best practices and expectations concerning an employee's performance and employment as a UW-Whitewater employee.           

The User Friendly Principles poster (available in Spanish and English) expresses our campus commitment to positive interpersonal communication in which we treat everyone with respect and appreciation, regardless of our differences.

Pursuant to RPD 12-1, each UW institution must determine whether an institutional product or service to students, faculty, staff, private organizations, or the public at large, competes with similar products or services offered by the private sector. Even though some degree of competition between the University and the private sector may be unavoidable, where a potentially competitive situation exists, the University must consider the concerns of affected private businesses and act with sensitivity and good faith regarding those concerns.

This policy establishes a competition review committee at each institution composed of representatives of the University, private sector, and public-at-large. In addition, the policy defines criteria to be used in evaluating the appropriateness of University sales activities and establishes principles for pricing those products and services that University of Wisconsin System Institutions may offer. See UW Regent Policy Document 12-1 for the full policy and institutional responsibilities.


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The information presented on this website is intended for informational purposes only and nothing on this website should be construed or relied upon as administrative or legal advice. If a question arises related to a specific situation, please contact 262-472-1772.  If legal advice is sought, please contact your immediate supervisor who will assist in determining whether the Office of General Counsel should be contacted for legal assistance or advice.