General Instructions for Card Use

  1. If the transaction value is greater than $5,000, use traditional purchasing procedures and follow your agency-established process.
  2. If the transaction value is $5,000 or less:
    • Using best judgment, determine an appropriate vendor for the materials desired
    • Give the vendor your Purchasing Card number and expiration date or present the card at the point of sale.
    • Tell the vendor that the State is exempt from State sales taxes.
  3. NOTE: The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is issuing a tax exempt number for each state agency. This number may appear on the third line of em bossing on your card. If you have a card issued before the tax exempt numbers were assigned, ask your Coordinator for your agency number and make a note of it to provide to merchants as necessary. New cards will be issued as determined by the Coordinator.
  4. If the material will be shipped or delivered, tell the vendor to enclose or mail a copy of the receipt/invoice with each shipment. Have the vendor mark it "Credit card order - paid" to avoid duplicate payments.
    • If the material is picked up, obtain the itemized receipt indicating the purchase price.
  5. Maintain a purchase record log.
    • Save the original receipts/shipping invoices in an envelope.