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Communication Department

Heide Hall Room 400
Whitewater, WI 53190
PH: 262-472-1034
E-mail: (for general department related questions)
E-mail: (for advising and class questions)

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Frequently Asked Advising Questions:

How do I set an advising appointment?

  • Students with less than 90 credits, please call 262-472-4646 or stop by Roseman 2054 to schedule an appointment or email
  • Students with 90 credits are more, please call 262-472-1034 or stop by Heide 400 to schedule an appointment or email

How do I change my major to Communication or Journalism?

  • If you are currently a Comm or Journalism Major, and you'd like to change to a different major within our department (for example, you want to switch from Public Relations to Advertising), visit Heide Hall 406. No appointment is needed. 
  • If you are currently a Comm or Journalism Major, and you'd like to change to a different major outside of our department, come to Heide Hall 406. No appointment is needed 
  • If you have an established major in a different department and you'd like to change to one of our Comm or Journalism majors, first visit the department office of your current major. There, you'll complete a form releasing you from your major and you'll be instructed to bring the completed form to the Communication Department in Heide Hall. Once the form is completed, come to Heide Hall 406. No appointment is needed. 
  • If you are undeclared and would like to establish your major within our department, first visit the Academic Advising and Exploration Center in Roseman Hall.

How can I change my minor?

  • To change your minor, simply stop by the Communication Department, Heide 406, and we can change your minor immediately. No appointment is needed.

Where can I find a four-year planning sheet for my major?

Can I have both a major and minor in the Communication Department?

Can I "double dip" a class in both my major and my minor?

  • No. A class cannot be applied to both your major and minor. If a course is required for both, setup an appointment with the Director of Advising to find an alternative. Call 262-472-1034 or stop by Heide 406 to make an appointment.

How can I get into a Comm or Journalism class that is already full?

  • If a class you need or want is already full, you have two main options.
  1. Stop by Heide 406, bring a copy of your AAR, and fill out the Appeal for a Seat Form. If seats open up in a high demand classes, the department will award these seats to students based on their projected time to graduation. 
  2. Check WINS repeatedly and search for openings. 
    Professors cannot add students into their classes, therefore, do not email professors and ask for admission into their full class.

I have a Comm Department Advising Hold. How can I get it removed?

  • To have your Communication Department Advising Hold removed, students will need to attend a one-on-one advising appointment AND attend the newly re-launched group advising, CommConnect.  CommConnect will focus on connecting students to new campus opportunities as well as career readiness.  If you fail to attend both, your hold will not be removed. 

Can I "double dip" Comm 424, Cross Cultural Communication, as both my Diversity requirement and as a class in my major or minor?

  • Yes. Comm 424 can satisfy both your Diversity requirement and the course for your major or minor.

Can I elect to take a course for my major or minor as Satisfactory/No Credit.

  • No.

How can I easily find a GA, GH, GE class, etc. How can I find DV classes?

Where can I find the Comm Exit Survey?

How do I Apply for Graduation? When should I do it?

  • To apply for graduation, visit this page. A student should apply for graduation one full semester before graduating. For example, a May graduate should apply during the fall semester. A December graduate should during the spring semester.

How can I get waived out of Comm 110?

  • If you would like to attempt waiving out of Comm 110, which involves taking a test and giving a presentation to a committee, contact Tammy French,

Who should I contact about internships?

Does the Comm Department offer any travel opportunities?

I need help learning WINS. How do I add a class, drop a class, view my grades, find my AAR, view my class schedule, etc.?

Where can I find information on how to use D2L?