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  Spring 2016 - All the World's a StageFall 2015 - Standing the Test of TimeSpring 2015 - Remarkable WomenFall 2014 - Democracy TodaySpring 2014 - LincolnFall 2013 - Turning Points

Since 1983, UW-Whitewater faculty and staff from the Whitewater and Janesville campuses, along with area business and community leaders, have been presenting multi-disciplinary lectures to thousands of lifelong learners. Continuing Education partners with Fairhaven Senior Services to host the lectures during the academic year.

Lectures in the spring 2021 Fairhaven Lecture Series will be held virtually via WebEx. Live lectures will take place on Mondays at 3 pm, then recorded and posted on our website. Once recorded, lectures can be accessed, for free, anytime on our website.  Follow us on Facebook for updeas and contact Kari Borne at bornek@uww.edu or 262-472-1003 with questions.

Videos of lectures since 2012 are available here. Select Fairhaven Lectures are also available on our YouTube Channel and Wisconsin Public Television's University Place series.

Upcoming Series:

No Passport Needed: From the U.S. to the World, Yesterday and Today

Traveling came to an abrupt halt in 2020, but virtual journeys through time and across the world can take place through the experiences of others. Join us as we visit Louis XIV’s France; travel with students and faculty to Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America; and examine the impact of (and by) those who immigrate to the U.S.  Stay safe at home this spring, while exploring our world through the experiences of our fellow global citizens.

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If you have a disability and desire accommodations, please advise us as early as possible. Requests are confidential. UW-Whitewater provides equal opportunities in employment and programming including Title IX and ADA requirements. Please contact Kari Borne at  262-472-1003 or  bornek@uww.edu for further information.

The content of each lecture in the Fairhaven Lecture Series is the intellectual property of the individual presenter.