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Dean's Advisory Board

What is The Dean's Advisory Board?

According to Frank Goza, Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, the Advisory Board will help the College determine if our planning is realistic, our vision is attainable within a given time period, and if we are asking enough of ourselves.

The critical evaluation and valuable advice provided by members is an important dialogue with alumni and friends. The Dean's Advisory Board was established to carry out, on an ongoing basis, the functions of external review and recommendations on the programs and potential of the College of Letters and Sciences, while serving the added function of interpreting the College's programs externally. Please contact Ben Strand if you would like more information about the Dean's Advisory Board.


Dean's Advisory Board members are friends and alumni of the University. They are civic leaders, individuals with expertise and knowledge that can be extremely beneficial to students and faculty in L & S, and their relationship to the college is one of dedication and affection. Ideally, the size of the board will be between 30-40 persons. The membership of the board will include civic and community leaders.

Board members represent a variety of careers, backgrounds, and expertise. An effort will be made to include diversity within the membership, male-female balance, and desirable ratio of local to non-local members.

Membership Roster

Fred Arndt '70
Retired Director of HR 
McKesson Corp
M: Political Science and English

Steve Burrows '74 
Retired CEO
Committee Chairperson   
Anheuser-Busch International, Inc
M: Geography; m: History

Tom Van De Bogart '74 
Retired Director of Finance  

M: Political Science; m: Sociology 

Mr. Aaron Feggestad '03 
Senior Scientist and Associate 
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc
M: Geography/Environmental Studies

Tim Fixmer '75 
CCI Media
M: Psychology; m: Art

Steve Gillman '73 
VP - Human Resources and Administration
Rust-Oleum Corporation
M: English

Kerri Grawe '83
Director of Sales
Davidson, North Carolina, United States
M: Biology; m: Professional Business

Kristopher Hanson '96 
Linder & Marsack SC
M: Policitical Science; m: History

Dr. Dionne Harrell '93
Cherished Companion Mobile Veterinary
M: Biology; m: Chemistry

Tom Hayes '81  
President and CEO
Pauquette Center for Psychological Services 
M: Psychology; m: Individualized L&S

Tim Hopper '88 
Major Case Manager 
Committee Vice-Chairperson 
Sentry Insurance
M: Political Science

Ernest James '12
Associate Cancer Research Administrator 
Marshield Clinic and Research Institute-Cancer Care and Research Center 
M: Public Policy & Administration, MBA 

Dean Kleyn '87
Sales Director
M: Psychology; m: Human Resources Management

Dr. Kurt Krummel '96 
Director of Program Management
Trovagene, Inc,
M: Biology; m: Chemistry

Dave Lang '73 
Lang Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc.
M: Biology; m: Chemistry

Amos Malone '15, MSE '17
Deputy Clerk 
United States District Court, 
Western District of Wisconsin 
M: Criminology, MSE Professional Development

Don Meyer '69 MSE '74 
Retired Psychologist
Family Resources Associates 
M: Psychology; MSE: School Psychology 

Mitchael Mitchell
Retired International Tourism (various) 
Program Coordinator 
Briarpaatch Youth Service 
M: Geography & History 

Jan Peebles '79
Retired Research and Development Manager
M: Mathematics and Chemistry

Tony Prater '80 -
Co-Founder/Former President 
Verity Medical Inc.
M: Political Science; m: Professional Business

Dr. George Savage
Professor Emeritus, English

Rod Sonnenburg '67 
Owner and President
2b Exhibits, Inc 
M: Geography; m: Traffic Saftey

Timothy G. Sparks '80
Director of Regulatory Affairs
UW ICTR UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
M: Biology and Chemistry

Diane Welsh '84 
Pines Bach, LLP
M: Marketing

Ex Officio Contacts:

Frank Goza
College of Letters and Sciences 
800 W Main St, Laurentide 4104
Whitewater, WI 53190 
Business: 262-472-1712

Ben Strand 
Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement 
800 W Main St, Hyer Hall 303
Whitewater, WI 53190
Business: 262-472-3017

Staff Resources Team: 

Fe Evangelista 
Associate Dean
Phone: 262-272-5684

Susan Johnson 
Assistant Dean  
Phone: 262-472-4766

Annie LaValley
Advising Coordinator 
Phone: 262-472-1550