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    Science Alliance

    Science Alliance

    Science Alliance

    The Science Alliance involves a group of 30 science alumni who meet with science faculty annually to discuss ways to strengthen the science programs and offer advice to improve the UW-Whitewater student experience.

    The Role of an Alliance Member

    • Offer advice, expertise, and useful criticism
    • Teach about career fields and what expectations should be set for students
    • Inform on trends within professions that may require the College's attention, specifically identifying employment trends
    • Help the College look to the future, identifying issues that members believe deserving of the University's attention in long-range planning
    • Offer assistance as hosts for meetings, special functions or admissions events, if possible
    • Serve as ambassadors for the University having gained firsthand knowledge of the University through Alliance affiliation



    Science Alliance members are friends and alumni of the University. They are civic leaders, individuals with expertise and knowledge that can be extremely beneficial to students and faculty in the sciences, and their relationship to the college is one of dedication and affection. Ideally, the size of the Alliance will be between 20-30 persons.

    Alliance members represent a variety of careers, backgrounds, and expertise. An effort will be made to include diversity within the membership, male-female balance, and desirable ratio of local to non-local members.

    Please contact Tamara Hauck if you would like more information about Science Alliance.



    Mr. Arthur F. Andersen '67 - President - Virtual Surfaces, Inc
    Dr. Marc A. Anderson '67 - Professor/Chair Environmental Chemistry & Technology - UW-Madison
    Mr. Gregg Breese '97 - Business Sector Specialist - WI Department of Natural Resources
    Mr. Robert L Douglas '59 - Retired CEO - Advanced Assembly Automation
    Dr. James R. Eike '85 - Dentist - Smile Creations SC
    Mr. Dean D. Falkner '73 MST '75 - Utilities Director - Village of Mukwonago
    Mr. Steve Fix '69 - Retired Senior Environmental Review Specialist - Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
    Dr. Joe Fok '71 - Physician - Dean Clinic
    Dr. Dionne A. Harrell '93 - Veterinarian/Owner - Cherished Companion Mobile Veterinary Services
    Dr. Tom Hei '76 - Professor Radiation Oncology & Environmental Health Sciences - Columbia University
    Dr. Sherri L. Hoyman '90 - Pediatrician - Bellin Health
    Mr. Timothy Hoyman '90 - Aquatic Ecologist/Owner - Onterra, LLC
    Dr. Steven Jacobsen '83 - Director of Research and Evaluation - California Permanente Medical Group
    Mr. John D. Klinge '88 - Senior Aeronautical Engineer - Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
    Mr. Cody Kreischer '80 - President - Kreischer Optics, Ltd.
    Dr. Kurt Krummel '96 - Senior Research and Development Project Manager - Sequenom
    Dr. A. Scott Muerhoff  '83 - Senior Research Fellow - Abbott Labs
    Mr. Jan Peebles '79 - Research and Development Manager - Encapsys
    Mr. Ryan Pisani '01 - Computer Support Analyst - Motorola Foundation
    Mr. John D. Puetz '73 - Director of Technology - Lonza Microbial Control
    Dr. Marcella Roenneburg '76 - Urogynecologist - Three Lower Counties Community Services
    Dr. W. Daniel Sable - Professor Emeritus, Biology - UW-Whitewater
    Dr. John G. Schoenenberger '77 - Chiropractor/Director - Family Chiropractic Clinic
    Ms. Donna F. Sefton '74 - Public Water Supply Specialist - Wisconsin DNR
    Mr. Robin T. Smith '83 - Research Physicist - Naval Research Laboratory
    Mr. Timothy G. Sparks '80 - Manager of Quality - Waisman Biomanufacturing, UW-Madison
    Dr. William Sveum '72 - Retired Director of Quality - Oscar Mayer
    Dr. Lawrence White '74 - Chairman/CFO - Cascade Eye & Skin Centers

    Staff Representatives

    David Travis - Dean
    Tamara Hauck - Director of Development


    College of Letters & Sciences
    Laurentide Hall 4100
    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    800 W. Main Street
    Whitewater, WI 53190-1790


    Office of the Dean
    Rebecca Reichert
    Phone: (262) 472-1621

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