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Geographic Systems Information Certificate

LGBTQ Studies

This certificate program is intended for students who would benefit from a thorough introduction to LGBTQ Studies from various disciplinary perspectives. Students in the certificate program will examine how gender, gender identity, and sexuality interact with ethnicity, race, class, and ability while exploring contemporary, cross-cultural, and historical issues related to LGBTQ lives. Students will encounter such subjects as gender and sexuality as social constructions, queer theory, violence and oppression, representation, history of LGBTQ movements and activism, and intersectional alliances. We also encourage students to fulfill the certificate requirements by signing up for an internship or independent study that allows them to demonstrate their LGBTQ advocacy.

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Understand the historical and crosscultural constructions of sexuality and gender identity
    • Detect biased thinking, particularly by deconstructing binary analytical perspectives
    • Encounter diverse narratives around gender and sexual expressions
    • Grapple with the relationship between feminist thought and LGBTQ studies
  • Internships
    • LGBTQ Peer Educator Intern
    • PB Poorman Pride Center Intern
    • Women’s and Gender Studies Intro to LGBTQ Studies Intern

LGBTQ Studies Checksheet

Contact Information

Ellie Schemenauer
Associate Professor & Department Chairperson
Department of Women's & Gender Studies
Phone: (262) 472-2872
Office: Laurentide 4231