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Jonathan Burkham
Associate Professor

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I am the coordinator for the International Studies and Japanese Studies programs at UWW.  The International Studies major is an interdisciplinary program, which combines a broad core curriculum with one of four emphases: foreign language and area studies, public diplomacy, international business, and international economics.  An International Studies minor is also offered.  The Japanese Studies program offers a major or a minor with extensive instruction in the Japanese language and opportunities for study in Japan.


I work at the intersection of economic, political, and cultural geography to study the impacts of globalization on local communities in Latin America.  My research has been focused on the economic, social, and cultural changes in a village in Jalisco, Mexico, and how those changes are affecting migration trends between Milwaukee, WI and that village.  In a separate project, I'm studying the underrepresentation of US Latinos in higher education through research into the opportunities and challenges that Latinos face on their paths to a college degree.


International Studies 200 - Issues in International Studies: Inquiry and Writing in the Major
Geography 230 - Human Geography
Geography 252 - Global Environmental Challenges
Geography 335 - Geography of Population and Migration
Geography 365 - Geography of Latin America
Geography/Environmental Science 491 - Travel Study: Ecotourism and Sustainability in Peru
International Studies 488 - The Capstone class for International Studies Majors and Minors