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Rocio Duchesne-Onoro
Associate Professor

  • Office Location: Upham Hall 107
  • Phone: (262) 472-5124
  • Email:
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I am an environmental manager with a strong interest in remote sensing and GIS applied to terrestrial ecosystems. This passion arose when I first attended an ornithology conference and listened to the speaker explain how he used GIS and remote sensing images to identify potential habitats for an endengered bird. Later, while pursuing a masters in statistics, I had the opportunity to take my first GIS class and I loved it! An opportunity came for me to participate in a NASA sponsored project as a doctoral research assistant. For five years I studied shurb expansion in the Arctic using passive remote sensing. In 2014, I was hired as an assistant professor at UW-Whitewater, and I have been teaching here, ever since.

Research Interest:
Multispectral remote sensing applied to the study of shrub expansion in the Arctic
Hyperspectral remote sensing of crops

B.S. Biology, Universidad del Atlantico, Colombia, 2005 
M.S. Statistics, Montclair State University, 2009 
Ph.D. Environmental Management, Montclair State University, 2015   

Courses I teach at UWW:
Geography 252: Global Environmental Challenges
Geography 270: GIS I: Introduction to GIS and Mapping
Geography 377: Remote Sensing of the Environment 
Geography 470: Applied Environmental and Natural Resources GIS
Environmental Science 200: Introduction to Environmental Science