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Elisabeth Harrahy
Associate Professor

  • Department(s): BIOLOGY
  • Office Location: Upham Hall 305
  • Phone: (262) 472-1086
  • Email:
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B.S. in Natural Resource Studies and Environmental Science, University of Massachusetts
M.S. in Forestry (Aquatic Ecology/Toxicology), West Virginia University
Ph.D. in Fishery Biology (Aquatic Ecology/Toxicology), Colorado State University

Research Description:
I am interested in the occurrence, persistence, and toxicity of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems. Recent projects conducted by my students and me include the persistence of the pesticide 2,4-D in lake water, the occurrence of saxitoxin and other blue-green algal toxins in Madison-area lakes, the occurrence of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in wastewater treatment plant influent, effluent, sludge and receiving waters, and the toxicity of select PPCPs on aquatic invertebrates. These are interdisciplinary (biology, chemistry, toxicology) projects that allow students to work in both the laboratory and the field. More information can be found on my website.

Classes Taught:
Biology 120 (Biological Foundations), Biology 214 (Ecology and Society), Biology 257 (Ecology), Biology 258 (Field Experience), Biology 370 (Aquatic Biology), Biology 442 (Environmental Toxicology), Biology 496 (Environmental Pollutants Seminar)