College of Letters & Sciences
Laurentide Hall

Scholarships & Awards

We honor dedication and hard work at the College of Letters & Sciences. Our generous scholarship and awards programs ensure that you can focus your energy on what really matters - your education - and not on how you will pay for it.

Depending on your major and interests, the College offers a wide range of scholarships and awards programs that provide funding and recognition for your academic endeavors. These include ...


  • L&S Alumni Scholarship
  • Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition
  • Tony and Erika Prater Family Scholarship
  • Chuck and Martha Heinrich Scholarship
  • L&S McGraw Award for Student Excellence
  • UW-W Alumni Association Scholarship (aka L&S Outstanding Junior Award)
  • Michael Steele Wilkins Science
  • The Everett Refior Peace Prize
  • Tom Affholder LGBT Leadership Award
  • Promise Endowment
  • Metcalf Family Endowment
  • McLean Family Scholarship
  • Bud and Avia Arndt Scholarship
  • Silver-Savage English/Environmental Scholarship

Scholarships are available for view and application at

International Studies and Travel

How to apply for International Studies Scholarships

  • Charles E. Cottle International Scholarship
  • International Scholarship for Semester Exchange
  • International Scholarship for Short Term Travel
  • Norman and Kathleen Wood International Education Scholarship
  • Weiler & Co. Study Abroad Scholarship
  • International Credit Executives Scholarship
  • The Graham Study in Britain Award