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Are you a current student? Do you have questions about Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Winter Break Period Contract, Reapplication, or Room Changes from Fall to Spring Semester? See the information below for current students living in the Residence Halls.

Fall Semester UpdatesThanksgiving Break

  • The Residence Halls remain open for Thanksgiving Break (November 27 th – 30 th)

Winter Break

  • Residence Halls close on Sunday, December 22 nd at 10am.
  • Starin, Cambridge, The New Hall, Wellers, Wells East and Wells West will remain open. Students who are currently living in these buildings and are returning for Spring 2020 are able to stay during winter break at any time and do not have to submit a break period contract.
  • Students residing in Arey, Fricker, Bigelow, Benson, Lee, Fischer, Tutt, and Knilans Halls are unable to stay in their room during winter break.
    • Students in these buildings are required to submit a Winter Break Period Contract, available starting November 1 st at 9am. Applications can be found at
    • Applications are due by December 11 th at 4pm. Any student who submits a Winter Break Period Contract after December 11 th at 4pm may not be guaranteed housing during winter break.

2020 – 2021 Housing Reapplication

  • Reapplication for current students looking to live on-campus for the Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 academic year will open in early February 2020.
  • If you currently live in Starin, Cambridge, The New Hall, and any of our other Residence Halls, you must reapply for housing. You are not guaranteed to stay in your current space or return to your same building. All housing is based on date received and total credits. Simply living in that building does not mean you are guaranteed to stay in that building.

Second Semester IntentionsWhat is Second Semester Intentions?

  • During the Fall Semester, University Housing works with your Complex Director and Resident Assistants (RAs) to find out what your plans are for the following spring semester. The RA and/or Complex Director will provide information on how to apply for the different options below.
  • This helps us fill spaces, allow students to move buildings prior to spring semester, and make sure that any student leaving University Housing has completed the proper paperwork.

What do I need to know???

  • All students who are looking to move to another space on-campus and/or have someone move in with them need to follow our policies and procedures listed below.
  • THIS IS NOT the process for applying for the following 2020-2021 Academic Year. If you are looking to apply for the below options for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 then you will apply in Spring of 2020 during Reapplication.
  • If you are seeking a release from your Housing Contract, see below for more details.

Want to move somewhere on-campus for Spring 2020??(THIS IS NOT FOR Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 ACADEMIC YEAR!) The options below are intended for the current academic year. Any current students looking to apply for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 will begin applying on February 1 st. More information will be send to your student email at the end of January!

  • Are you looking to move to STARIN HALL?
    • Sign up on Student Portal under Starin Waitlist on the left hand side.
    • Only students on the waitlist will be considered for potential placement in Starin Hall.
  • Are you looking to move to Cambridge Apartments?
    • Sign up on Student Portal under the Apartment Waitlist on the left hand side.
    • Only students who are signed up on the wait list will be considered for a potential placement in Cambridge Apartments.
  • Are you looking to move to the New Residence Hall?
    • Send an email to with your name, ID number and any roommates you wish to move with.
    • University Housing will place you on a waitlist and the Complex Director of the New Residence Hall will reach out to you once a space opens up.
  • Are you looking to move to another building? (Arey, Fricker, Benson, Bigelow, Lee, Fischer, Tutt, Wellers, Knilans, Wells West, and/or Wells East)
    • Talk to your Complex Director. Your Complex Director will be able to help you find available spaces.
  • Are you looking to move with a friend?
    • Simply follow the steps above. If you are a First Year Student, please note that you are unable to move to Starin or Cambridge.

Are you seeking a release from your Housing Contract?

  • The Housing Contract Release is located on Student Portal. All requests to be released from the housing contract must be submitted through student portal by November 15.
    • Students who are Transferring out of UWW, Graduating in December, Studying Abroad, Withdrawing from UWW, Student Teaching, and/or Interning out of the area must submit a Housing Contract Release.
  • As a reminder, the contract is for the full academic year and there must be a change in your circumstances that would warrant a release from the contract and additional supporting documentation may be required for requests other than the ones listed above.

Timeline and Availability

  • Second Semester Intentions start in November. Your complex director and RAs will reach out to you for plans. Any and all move requests, must be submitted through your Complex Director.

Looking for a Single Room?

  • Single rooms are available on a very limited basis. In order to be considered for a single room, you must apply for the Single Room Waitlist on Student Portal. Single Rooms are available in Benson, Bigelow, Tutt, Wells West, Wells East.
  • If you are wishing to buyout your current space (Only available if you currently do not live with someone) then you must talk to your Complex Director.
  • Single Rooms and Single Room Buyouts are NOT available in Starin or the New Residence Hall.

Are you not looking to move?

  • If you are happy with your current placement there is nothing else you need to do. If your roommate is leaving or moving, then your Complex Director will reach out to you with what will happen next.



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