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When students make selections that help determine where in the Residence Halls they will be placed, we refer to that as the Assignments process. Based on criteria like Learning Community involvement, building preferences and other details, the Residential Room Assignments Office is able to make a best-fit placement of a student in the Residence Halls.


Welcome back to Reapplication! As the semester progresses we ask students to do one of two things:

1 - Living On-Campus (19-20 Academic Year)
If you wish to live in Starin, Cambridge, the New Hall, a Triple, a Single, and/or Gender Inclusive Housing, then you will also need to complete the Comprehensive Application, Single Application, and/or the Gender Inclusive Application. These applications open on February 1st at 9am and will close on February 13th at 4pm.
For All Halls and Cambridge (Including Starin and the New Hall) you will need to complete a 19-20 Academic Year Housing Contract. Housing Contracts for returning students will open on February 21st at 9am.
For more information about the timeline please click on the Room Reapplication link to your left.

For more information about the Reapplication Process, Due Dates, Housing options, and/or Application timeline please follow this link to the 19-20 Housing Reapplication Prezi: Click Here

2 - Not Living On-Campus (19-20 Academic Year)
If you are not living on-campus and are eligible to not live on campus, please complete and submit the Housing Deposit Refund Request on Student Portal.
If you intending to Graduate, Withdraw, Transfer, Study Abroad, Student Teach and/or work at an Internship
Intending to not live on-campus and have graduated from High School in 2017 or prior.
This application opens on February 1st at 9am and will close at 11:59pm on May 1st.


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The mission of University Housing is to provide quality, accessible housing and to promote student learning and personal success in an inclusive, engaging community.

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