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Contract Release Request

Once a student has submitted a contract, the contract is binding for the identified period of the contract (ie: academic year or spring semester only). Contract Release Requests may be submitted by a student on Student Portal on the University Housing website. All requests are reviewed by the Contract Release Review Team which meets bi-weekly during the academic year and monthly during the summer months. All Release requests are reviewed individually. Releases are contigent upon successful completion of any open University Housing Conduct Cases. Please refer to the process below for more details on what is required for a Contract Release request to be considered.


  1. You have submitted a residence hall contract, and
  2. Your circumstances have changed or will be changing due to one or more of the following:
I am or will be no longer be enrolled at UWW due to graduation, transfer, or withdrawal beyond the current semester. University Housing will verify this information through WINS or other University departments.
I have been called to active military duty. Copy of orders.
I am married. Copy of marriage certificate.
I have had a child or am expecting a child. Copy of your child’s birth certificate or other medical documentation.
I am enrolled in a University-sponsored program University Housing will verify this information through WINS or other University departments.

I have an extreme personal hardship.

Typed, detailed explanation of how your circumstances would limit you from living on campus and any relevant supporting documentation. Clarify as to where you plan to live if granted a release. If moving home, the commuter portion of the Residency Policy Exemption Request Form is also required.

I have an extreme financial hardship.


      1. Review list of required documentation and be prepared to upload any required documents in Student Portal.
      2. Review “Common Situations and Reasons for which Contract Release Requests are Denied. [See Below]
      3. Log into Student Portal on the University Housing website. 
      4. Select Housing Contract Release Request on the menu on the left.
      5. Read the disclaimer carefully for more specific details on the process.
      6. Select Timeline for Request.
      7. Select Reason and provide the reasoning for the release request.
      8. Upload any supporting documentation/information into Student Portal.
      9. Submit Request.

All Students will be notified via their University email account as to the status of the request or if the request has been forwarded to the Contract Release Review Team.  Once the Review Team meets, the student will then be notified of the decision through email.


University Housing is obligated to enforce UW System Board of Regents Policy 173 requiring first and second year students to live in University operated residence halls.

Contract release requests (once a contract has been submitted) by a student are reviewed on an individual basis by the Contract Release Review Team. However, we strive to make decisions that are based on consistent criteria and in fairness to all students.

It is important for students to refer to the requested documentation list for the reason for the release request.  Students need to provide sufficient documentation for a review. Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in your release not being considered or, minimally, a delay in a decision by the Review Team.

Residence hall living is a new experience for most students and requires a certain amount of adjustment. If a student has made a fair adjustment to the hall environment but is still unhappy, a change of hall, room, floor, or roommate may be an effective remedy. Residence hall staff are available to work with residents individually to find a solution if a specific issue continues to be a problem or concern.

Even with documentation from a doctor or therapist, most conditions do not automatically exempt students from policy and contract obligations. Specific health-related conditions and needs must be outlined by a medical or mental health professional. We will work with students individually to make residence hall rooms environmentally and health friendly.

Requests based on disability require students to identify and discuss with the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) the specific areas of concern and issues they are experiencing. Through this process, the student and CSD will explore access solutions. University Housing works collaboratively with the Center for Students with Disabilities to meet students’ disability-related needs.

Lack of funds alone is not a basis for exemption or contract release. Finances for the academic year should have been considered before choosing to enroll at the University or activating the residence hall contract. Financial aid is available to those who qualify based on need, and University Housing relies on the expertise of the Financial Aid Office to determine if a student has a sufficient financial aid and other funding options to attend UWW.  If there has been a change in your financial support circumstances, the student can seek a release based on Financial Hardship and provide documentation that would support the change in circumstances.

Needing to be at home to help with a family business, take care of siblings or other family members, or take care of pets or other animals is not a reason for an exemption or contract release. The student, along with their family, must explore alternative solutions to accommodate these needs. If there has been a change in your personal situation at home since when you submitted your contract, the student can submit a request for personal hardship and provide documentation that would support the change in circumstances.

The choice to commute from the home of a parent or legal guardian must be made before activation of the residence hall contract. Students who are eligible to commute from the home of their parent or guardian must submit their request and be approved before the start of the academic year. The commuter exemption does not allow for living with siblings, grandparents, other relatives, or a fiancée/significant other without other extenuating documented circumstances. A contract release will not be granted for a student who wants to become a commuter after the start of the academic year.

Pets are not allowed in the residence halls, but if a student has a documented need for an emotional support animal, they will need to go through the Center for Students with Disabilities for approval. Students are encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities or review their website before starting the request process to ensure they qualify for an emotional support animal accommodation.


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