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Deposit Refund Request

Students leaving the residence halls in May that have not submitted a reapplication contract for the following year may be eligible for a Refund of the Housing Deposit.

The following examples qualify for a refund of their deposit:

·        Graduate from UWW in May

·        Graduated from high school more than 2 years ago  and have NOT submitted a reapplication contract

·        Will be  transferring to another school for the following academic year

·        Will not be registering for classes at UW-Whitewater for the following academic year

·        Plan to  commute from home their sophomore year and an exemption request has been submitted and approved for next year, and the student has not submitted a contract already.
Click here for link to exemption process

Students that are registered for the next academic year and graduated from high school less than two years ago that have not received an exemption are NOT eligible for a refund of the housing deposit.

Follow instructions below to submit a request.  Students will receive a confirmation to their request within 7-10 of submission.  Refunds are processed after the halls close for the spring semester.

1.       Click Here to go to Student Portal.

2.      Login using your Net ID and Password.

3.       Click on "Deposit Refund Request" from the menu on the left.

4.      Read Terms and Conditions.

5.      Fill out the required information.

6.      Press Submit.



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