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Room Reapplication

2020-21 Room Reapplication Important Dates:

Below are important dates regarding different aspects of on-campus housing to make it easier for you to find dates that relate to what you are applying for.

Please note that Reapplication refers to the process for Current Students to sign up for Residence Hall Rooms for Next Year.

Reapplication Timeline:

February 3rd – Application Opens for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 at 9am. Students can apply online for Housing and all options available. Room Renewal Opens at 9am (See What’s New Tab for Details). Starin, Cambridge, New Hall, Triple, and Single Application Opens at 9am (See What’s New Tab for Details). Gender Inclusive Application Opens at 9am (See What’s New Tab for Details).

February 17th – Starin, Cambridge, New Hall, Triple, and Single Application Closes at 4pm. Students must complete the application portion in order to be considered for this option.

February 24th – Decisions sent out for Students who applied for Starin, Cambridge, New Hall, Triples, and Singles.

February 28th – Room Renewal Closes at 4pm.

March 2nd – Single Room and Triple Room Placement sent out at 4pm.

March 10th – March 13th – Starin, New Hall, and Cambridge accepted Students will log in to choose their rooms. Timeslots for selection will be sent in the acceptance email.

March 16th – Same Building Selection Opens at 9am.

March 19th – Same Building Selection Closes at 4pm.

March 31st – Standard Room Selection Opens at 9am. Students who have choose to live in a different building and have not applied to the above options will be able to select their rooms via a list of available rooms. (Timeslots for selection will be emailed during Spring Break).

April 10th – Standard Hall Selection Closes at 4pm. Students who have not applied for Housing will be directed to apply for the after Reapplication Process.

April 17th – Email sent to all returning students who signed up for housing confirming their space and roommates for Fall Semester.

*Students will be notified by their university e-mail account as to what day, time & how they select a suite/apartment.  Students that submitted Comprehensive Applications but were not granted their 1st preferred living option will be eligible for the next on-campus living option that they have ranked on their Online Application if indicated.


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