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Room Rates


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2023-2024 Residence Hall Per Person Semester Rate**

Room Type 2023-2024 Room Rate**
Arey Double Room $2,383.00
Arey Single Room $3,062.00
Benson Double Room $2,329.00
Benson Single Room $3,009.00
Bigelow Double Room $2,329.00
Bigelow Single Room $3,009.00
Clem Double Room $2,329.00
Clem Single Room  $3,009.00
Fischer Double Room $2,383.00
Fischer Single Room $3,062.00
Fricker Double Room $2,383.00
Fricker Single Room $3,062.00
Knilans Double Room $2,329.00
Knilans Single Room $3,009.00
Knilans XL Double Room $2,542.00
Lee Double Room $2,329.00
Lee Single Room $3,009.00
Ma'iingan Pod $3,235.00
Pulliam Suite $3,445.00
Tutt Double Room $2,329.00
Tutt Single Room $3009.00
Tutt XL Double Room $2,542.00
Wellers Double Room $2,383.00
Wellers Single Room $3,062.00
Wellers XL Double Room $2,596.00
Wells East Double Room $2,329.00
Wells East Single Room $3,009.00
Wells East Design Single $2,861.00
Wells West Double Room $2,329.00
Wells West Single Room $3,009.00
Wells West Design Single $2861.00

 Summer 2023:  $50 per week up to $300 for the time period from the end of Spring term through the first week of August. Students with Fall housing will transition to that housing around that time.

                                Contract Available on April 1 st.

**Rates are yet to be approved by University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.


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