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Maximize your space with BedLoft!

  • UW-Whitewater partners with BedLoft.com to provide students with an opportunity to maximize their space in their room.
  • More information about BedLoft rentals can be found on the Bed Lofts page

Protect your bike from weather, theft and vandalism.

  • Rent a bike locker to protect your bike from the weather, theft, and vandalism. Bike lockers are completely enclosed storage units with a lockable door, and a personal key is provided to you.
    • All bike lockers are assigned on a first come, first served basis. More information can be found by visiting the Bike Lockers page.

University Housing offers a variety of specialty living options throughout our residence halls to best suite the needs of our residents.

  • Gender Inclusive Housing:
    • Two gender inclusive housing options are available to all students to support LGBTQ and gender diverse students.
    • Six of our residence halls offer gender inclusive roommate options.  Arey, Fricker, Tutt, Fischer, Knilans and Wellers halls permit students to apply to have a roommate of any gender.
    • Both Pulliam and Ma’iingan Hall offer gender inclusive suites and pods (respectively) for transfer and continuing students that meet the criteria to live in these halls.
    • Rainbow Floor:
      • In partnership with the PB Poorman Pride Center on campus, the rainbow floor provides an inclusive residential community for students within the LGBTQ+ community. The rainbow floor celebrates people of diverse genders and sexualities and strives to create a community-driven learning experience for students living on this floor.
    • Wellness Residence Hall:
      • The entire building will have a special focus on living life with wellness in mind. Utilizing a well-established wellness model the staff will engage the residents with wellness programming and education. The level that the resident chooses to embrace wellness will be completely up to each individual. In addition one floor will also be a Substance Free floor in the building.
    • Substance Free Floor:
      • While illegal drugs and underage drinking are prohibited in all of our residence halls, this environment is for students who agree to ensure that no alcohol, drugs or tobacco be allowed anywhere on the floor. The specific locations for Substance Free Floors changes from year to year.
    • Quiet Lifestyle Floor:
      • The Quiet Lifestyle Floor is a community for students who are looking for a learning, living environment that more closely reflects their expectations and allows them to meet their academic goals. Students on this floor are encouraged to be mindful of the people around them while they live on the floor and keep their TV, music, and other devices down to a minimum noise level. The Resident Assistants on this floor make sure that the floor is fairly quiet to ensure that students can get a much studying done that they need to, while still engaging their peers in their community and having an overall positive college experience.
    • More information on Living Options on campus

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    Taking Action for a Successful Year

    • The success of your community and what you learn during your time here depends on you. You and your roommate will share a unique relationship this year. Every roommate experience has great potential and communication is the key to success.
    • We highly recommend that all roommates complete a roommate agreement at the start of the semester, to allow roommates to have honest conversations about their expectations of each other and the space that they share.
    • Students should visit this agreement throughout the year to adjust their expectations and seek assistance from their RA when they need help with roommate mediation.
    • Additional information on creating a roommate agreement can be found on our Roommate Agreement page.

    Locations and availability

    • Laundry costs for on-campus residence halls are included in the standard room rate. No money or purple points will be needed to use the laundry facilities in the residence halls.
    • University Housing charges are billed each semester and are combined with the student’s tuition charges to provide students with a convenient bill payment experience.
    • Students can view their University Bill by logging into their WINS account with their Net-ID and password.
    • For questions regarding University Housing charges, please call the Room Assignments Office at 262-472-4255.

    Know which address is the right one to use!

    • When you are sending a package or envelope via USPS to your campus address please use the following format:
      Full preferred name of student (first & last name)
      Room Number, Residence Hall Name
      Residence Hall Street Address (can be found here)
      Whitewater, WI

    • All Amazon packages, and any other package that is not sent via USPS should be addressed as follows:
      Full preferred name of student (first & last name)
      Goodhue Hall
      790 W. Starin Rd
      Whitewater, WI

    University Housing
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    The mission of University Housing is to provide quality, accessible housing and to promote student learning and personal success in an inclusive, engaging community.

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