Starin Hall

Living Options

Traditional Low-Rise Halls

Low-Rise room

These seven buildings are co-educational halls, each housing a range of students from freshman through seniors. Each hall has its own history and traditions, and each makes a special effort to welcome entering first-year students each fall.

Smoke-Free Halls

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of all of our residence halls, including resident rooms. Smoke-free halls prohibit smoking throughout building.

Substance Free Floor

While illegal drugs and underage drinking are prohibited in all of our residence halls, this environment is for students who agree to ensure that no alcohol, drugs, or tobacco be allowed anywhere on the floor.  The locations for Substance Free Floors vary from year to year.

Wellness Residence Hall

The entire building will have a special focus on living life with wellness in mind. Utilizing a well-established wellness model the staff will engage the residents with wellness programming and education. The level that the resident chooses to embrace wellness will be completely up to each individual. In addition one floor will also be a Substance Free floor in the building.

Quiet Lifestyle Floor

The Quiet Lifestyle Floor is a community for students who are looking for a learning, living environment that more closely reflects their expectations and allows them to meet their academic goals. Students on this floor are encouraged to be mindful of the people around them while they live on the floor and keep their TV, music, and other devices down to a minimum noise level. The Resident Assistants on this floor make sure that the floor is fairly quiet to ensure that students can get a much studying done that they need to, while still engaging their peers in their community and having an overall positive college experience.

Single Rooms

Wells single room

As space permits, single rooms are offered on a seniority and/or priority basis to students in the hall of their choice. The rate for single rooms is somewhat higher than that of double rooms.

Pulliam Hall Suites

Starin room

Pulliam Hall opened in 2010 and is currently the only suite style residence hall at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Suites contain a shared living room, kitchen, and bathroom between four single rooms. Pulliam Hall is only available to sophomores or other upperclassmen.

Single Room Option in Wells East and Wells West

Wells Complex room

Wells East and Wells West are ten story towers that house nearly one third of the on-campus population. With so many people, Wells residents consistently talk about how easy it is to meet friends. Several in-hall resources also make the Wells towers particularly attractive:

  • University Fitness (a fully-furnished fitness center)
  • Jitters Coffeehouse
  • A large computer lab
  • Extended front desk hours


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