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The University of Wisconsin- Whitewater is committed to fostering a vibrant community in order to more effectively meet the educational and social needs of students. Living on campus has always been a valuable component of the UW-Whitewater college experience.

We are excited to introduce the updated University Housing Master Plan. This ambitious plan will allow continual quality housing accommodations, programs, and services which support the mission of the University and meet the needs of tomorrow's students. This plan provides the renovation blueprint for our residence halls so that their useful life extends for many years. It also adds additional accessibility, sustainability, better building layouts and up-to-date amenities. In addition, over the next 20 years, the current plan calls for the building of four state-of-the-art, accessible and energy efficient residence halls. After the completion of the final new residence halls, Wells Hall will be phased out for either potential new construction or green space.. UW-Whitewater is also completing a campus wide master plan and University Housing is collaborating with that team to address the ever changing needs of the campus, which may bring different or other opportunities in regards to future residential facilities.

UW-Whitewater residence halls are designed to be enjoyable, accessible places to live, to support the learning process and to allow residents to engage with one another. Involvement in University Housing is a tradition that dates back to the first buildings on campus. This plan assures that great tradition will continue.

The plan was developed with the guidance of the entire community, including representation from the campus, the City of Whitewater and the Whitewater Rental Association. It is also recognized that as students' needs change, this plan will also evolve.

Frank W. Bartlett

Director of University Housing


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The mission of University Housing is to provide quality, accessible housing and to promote student learning and personal success in an inclusive, engaging community.

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