Starin Hall

Residence Hall Special Features

common room

common room

Bike Locker Storage

bike locker storage

Many students bring their bicycles to campus and may choose to rent a bike locker from University Housing. These special storage compartments are located next to residence halls and are completely enclosed units with lockable doors.

Big Screen Televisions


All residence halls have televisions for student use located in common areas.

Cable Television Services

University Housing owns and operates a cable television service, which provides all residence hall students with a campus cable channel, as well as 100 other cable channels, including a variety of HBO and Showtime channels, and more than 35 channels in High Definition. Each student room has a cable connection, but to utilize this system, you will need to supply a standard coaxial cable and the TV must have a digital QAM tuner built in, otherwise one may be rented at a reasonable fee from ResNET in the basement of Goodhue Hall.

Reception Desk


Each residence hall has a reception desk that is staffed during afternoon and evening hours. This is where you can get your mail, ask questions, and check out a wide variety of tools, games, and equipment.

University Fitness Center

University Housing is proud of University Fitness. Located in the basement of Wells East Hall, University Fitness is fully equipped with weight lifting and aerobic conditioning equipment. University Fitness also offers an extensive array of programs including Aerobic Dance Classes, Step Aerobics, individual and group contests / events and educational classes. Most importantly, University Fitness provides a trained staff ready to assist you in developing an effective fitness program and healthier lifestyle. Membership and service information can be obtained by calling University Fitness at 262-472-1260.

Membership in the Fitness Center is available at a very reasonable cost, and will assist you in developing the discipline and skills that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. For more detailed information, please contact the University Fitness Center.


Wells Lounge

Every residence hall is furnished with completely carpeted hallways which cut down on the noise in the building. Most residence hall rooms on campus are fully carpeted with the exception of some rooms with accessibility modifications.

Laundry Facilities


The basement of each residence hall features a laundry room which is equipped with washers and dryers that can be operated with coins or Purple Points on the HawkCard.  The laundry room has tools which allow you to check online to see if machines are available and the ability to get texts when your laundry is done.

Pool Tables

Pool Table

Pool tables are located in residence hall common areas. Equipment can be checked out from the front desk, or students may choose their own.



Many students like to bring appliances and cooking equipment from home for making late-night snacks and goodies. Some types of equipment are permitted in the residence hall rooms, but other appliances are not because they are considered a fire hazard. Those items that are allowed are refrigerators up to 4.8 cubic feet, microwaves(maximum 900 Watts), and popcorn poppers. Appliances that you should leave at home include toasters, electric frying pans, sandwich grills, hot plates, waffle irons, etc. Each residence hall features a kitchen with a stove and oven for student use.

Vending Machines

vending machines

Vending machines are located in every residence hall on campus. Soda, juice and snack machines are found in the basement of the low-rise halls and on the first floor and basement of the Wells Complex. Vending purchases can also be made with Purple Points on a HawkCard.

Computer Labs/Access

computer lab

University Housing has computer labs in all of the Residence Halls on campus. All labs provide access to the most popular software and e-mail functions. In addition, the campus provides student storage so students are able to access their files from anywhere on or off campus. See their page for more details.


Most halls are equipped with pianos in the basement. Students can use them by signing up at the front desk and checking out a key.


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