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Eco-Rep Position

Here at UW-Whitewater, we strive to have sustainability present in all aspects of our student’s lives.  The Eco-Rep position was created at Whitewater in 2012 as a way to create a peer educator position to get sustainability in the minds and lives of students in our residence halls.  Are you wondering what an Eco-Rep does?  For the most part, they act as a bridge between LITs and residents for sustainability, spreading information, putting on programs, and ensuring that our residents are informed about sustainability.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives for Eco-Reps:

  • Gain knowledge about sustainability and campus initiatives
  • Educate peers on sustainability issues and campus initiatives
  • Create, organize, and direct complex sustainability programs
  • Collaborate with other Eco-Reps for programming
  • Communicate with the LIT, RAs, and other students about sustainability issues
  • Inform RA Staff about campus and University Housing initiatives (RecycleMania, Campus Conservation Nationals, etc.)
  • Utilize and share sustainability resources

Requirements for Eco-Reps:

  • Attend all LIT meetings
  • Communicate sustainability-related information to your LIT, RAs, and complex
  • Share sustainability-related news/programs with your LIT each week
  • Coordinate sustainability programs in your complex
  • Attend a few RA staff meetings to inform them of sustainability-related campus initiatives and programs taking place

At Whitewater we have an Eco-Rep position for each LIT.  If you are interested in being an Eco-Rep for your residence hall, let your Assistant Complex Director or RA know!


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