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Student Employment Program

Learn additional technical skills, enhanced people skills, and gain real world experiences in the management and delivery of information technology services. By providing such an experience alongside the student's academic career, students will be better prepared to enter the workforce by bringing a wealth of IT and business knowledge.

Join our team!

If you enjoy helping people and solving problems, and like to learn about technology, the Student Employment Program is the place for you. We hire students of all majors. We offer flexible schedules and a fun and friendly work environment.

Don't know much about computers?

If you have the technical aptitude and an interest in providing exceptional customer service, our training and mentoring program will get you up to speed on the skills you need to start assisting our customers with basic computer questions and issues.


The employees within the Student Employment Program must attend the following training course:

  • Customer Service Skills - Person to Person, Phone, and Email Skills
  • Networked Desktop (which includes labs and classrooms)
  • Professional Ethics
  • Macintosh Basics ("replacement" or "in addition to" depending upon the area)

In addition to the previous training sessions students are encouraged to attend:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Video Editing

After successful completion of the required core course and satisfactory work performance during their first semester of hire students will be offered an appropriate pay raise.

Future pay raises will be awarded based on satisfactory work performance and attending additional training courses and good end of the year evaluation.