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Process Automation & System Implementation

Process automation and system implementation consultation is available to departments, colleges, and business units. This service includes defining client requirements, writing specifications and designing, developing, testing and integrating enterprise level software such as:

  • WINS 
  • TouchNet
  • ImageNow 
  • Interactive Reporting/Hyperion 
  • Resource25 
  • Interfaces with 3rd Party systems
  • Web Applications

Some examples of process automation and system implementation include HR Change of Status and Online Scholarship Submission.

How to request a project:

How to request support or maintenance:

  • Please contact the Help Desk with the below information at 262-472-HELP (4357) or via email at

Types of Request

Information to Include

Access to applications

  1. Supervisor’s name. We will need the supervisor to approve the request before you are granted access.
  2. Identify which application you want access to.
  3. Provide a justification for the access

Process-related issues

Contact information, application, nature of the issue


Include additional details of your areas of interest 

UW-Whitewater Business Intelligence Program

Efficiently harnessing the immense amount of data within the UW System and its campuses is essential to timely and responsive decision making. UW-Whitewater, in collaboration with the UW System and our sister campuses, is currently implementing a business intelligence program (also known as BI or OBIEE) that will enable more robust data queries and analyses by connecting common enterprise data warehouses. Once fully implemented, the BI program will transform the raw data and information, hosted in a variety of systems, into a meaningful, powerful and interactive reporting tool.

Project Goals BI/OBIEE Implementation

  • Install, configure, set up security and authentication
  • Review and migrate existing queries assessment of system-wide shared queries
  • Facilitate the creation of a metadata repository for shared queries
  • Create dashboards/reports using semantic layer that replace shared queries in interactive reporting
  • Train two technical staff from each campus
  • Move student data related queries to OBIEE

Project Scope

Infrastructure Setup

  • Review and recommend architecture details for development, test and production environments
  • Review and recommend the approach to configure OBIEE authentication
  • Review and recommend approach to OBIEE authorization  

Shared Queries & Implementation

  • Develop a fit/gap results document that shows level of fit and customizations needed to meet all reporting requirements
  • Develop options for future state data architecture for shared queries
  • Conduct options review sessions and facilitate the decision making process  
  • Develop implementation plan for the design, build, test and deploy phases of the project, including application work stream and change management work stream  

Student Pilot

  • Analyze the current student reporting data models and determine if a conversion to a dimensional model (i.e. a data warehouse) will be needed
  • Develop recommendations on whether common student data model can be leverages
  • Develop the high level logical model for student data based on above results (dimensions and facts)
  • Develop a template implementation plan for the three types of conversions
  • Working with the campuses, complete the remaining initiate/analyze tasks
  • Using the template implementation plan, work with the pilot campuses to build their implementation plans and establish the next phase of work for each