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Classroom Technology

ICIT is  committed to providing reliable classroom technology that meets the instructional needs of academic departments. Our goal is to implement the latest technology to assist in creating a second-to-none teaching and learning environment.  Our activities related to this service fall into two major categories: 

Support - We are available to address equipment malfunctions in the classroom while minimizing disruptions to your class. Please see Support tab for more information. 

Classroom Design - We aim to ensure that the technology resources of our new or remodeled facilities are designed to meet instructional needs and can function in a reliable manner. Please fill out this form and a project manager will reach out to discuss your project proposal.    


The team provides maintainance and technical support for technological resources like:

  • Projectors
  • Projection screens
  • SMART Boards
  • Control systems
  • Crestron Touch Screens

Support Options

In Class Support - If a piece of technology malfunctions during your class and you need it repaired immediately, contact the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) and we will dispatch a technician to your location within five minutes to attempt to repair the item(s) with minimal disruption to your class.

Outside of Class Support - If the malfunction does not disrupt your class and repair can be scheduled for a later time, contact the TSC Helpdesk at TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) or via email at at your convenience and we will repair it in a timely fashion. 

Support Documentation

Classroom Technology Video Overview

Classroom Technology Control System

Start a Webex Meeting in a General Classroom

Share Content in a Webex Meeting from a General Classroom

Classroom Technology Guidelines

Crestron Air Media Guide

The following video enabled classrooms are available on campus:

Heide: HE112, HE113, HE216, HE309
Hyer: HY213, HY215
Hyland: HH1300, HH1311, HH2300, HH2305, HH2307, HH2311, HH2319
McGraw: MG115, MG117
Rock Campus: AH106, HS06, HS23, WM130
Roseman: RS1040
Upham: UH140, UH141
Williams Center: WC183A, WC183C
Winther: WH2005, WH2008, WH2014, WH2015, WH2016, WH3002, WH3006, WH3013

We highly recommend reviewing following resources before attending synchronous HyFlex classroom training sessions.

This 5 minute video will give you a quick example of what the HyFlex perspective will be from all audiences: in-person students, remote students, instructor, and the recorded presentation for later viewing.

Prepare for your HyFlex Class (Before Class Session)

Run your HyFlex Video-Enabled Class (During Class Session)

Digital Upgrades

Below is a list of tentatively scheduled technology projects for the campus. Please note that these rooms may be unavailable for a period of time during the dates listed below, and every effort will be made to complete them on schedule. ICIT will continue to work with each of the colleges and areas to ensure that these projects are completed as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Room Description Start Date Comp Date
Winter/Spring 2018 Projects
WH 1002B Standard Classroom Technology Upgrade 12/22/2017 1/19/2018
MG 19A ICIT Instructional Facilities Technology Center 12/22/2017 1/19/2018
MG 19 Replace carpeting and paint in computer lab(s) 12/22/2017 1/19/2018
HH 2312 Standard Classroom Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH202 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH206  Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH262 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH302 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH312 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH240 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
UH242 Technology Upgrade 2/1/2018 5/18/2018
Summer 2018 Projects
HE105 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
HE112 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
HE301 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
HE310 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
HE313 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
HE314 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
L1008 D-H Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
L1205 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
MG125 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
WH4007 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
WH4008 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
WH4010 Technology Upgrade 6/1/18 9/1/18
Fall 2018 Projects
GH Police Conf. Rm. Conference Rm. Tech Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
HY142 Conference Rm. Tech Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
SAC8 Technology Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
SAC9 Technology Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
SAC10 Technology Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
SAAC11 Technology Upgrade 9/1/18 12/1/18
Winter/Spring 2019 Projects
HH2312 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
HH2317 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
HH2319 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
HH3200 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH206 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH240 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH242 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH244 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH246 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH247 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH262 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH302 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
UH312 Technology Upgrade 2/1/19 5/1/19
Summer 2019 Projects
HE217 Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
HE302 Lab Computers/Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
HE303 Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
HE311 Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
HE312 Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
MG18B/C Lab Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
UH100 Lab Computers/Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19
WH2005 Technology Upgrade 6/1/19 9/1/19