Instructional, Communication & Information Technology

Computing Environment

ICIT provides computing for over 2,500 faculty, staff, student workers, and general access labs and classrooms on the UW Whitewater and Rock campuses. ICIT strives to meet the needs of campus to maximize reliability and minimize disruption to your work in a cost-effective manner.



Computing Environment Features

  • Online catalog of easy-to-order computers with MS Office, printing and campus communication tools installed
  • Assets are managed and inventoried to ensure compliance with UW System policies
  • Timely patching and updates for operating systems and supported software
  • Repair and support, including warranty coordination
  • Consultation for new or unique computing needs

Getting Starting with Computing Environment

The online catalog of computers, tablets and accessories has been developed to meet over 90% of the campus computing needs. If you have a specific need for office equipment that is not available in the catalog please request a consultation by emailing

Each campus-owned device comes pre-installed with a suite of tools.   

Additional Software products are available for self-installation on Windows and Mac devices. 

ICIT is committed to  ensuring a secure computing environment and minimizing disruption to campus users' computing experiences through proactive support and maintenance of the end user computing environment

Patch and vulnerability management is a security practice designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within an organization.  ICIT updates browsers 1 business day after a new version is released by deveopers. Workstation operating systems are updated once a month, see more information at Windows Computing Environment Updates and Mac Computing Environment Updates.

ICIT strives to reach an appropriate balance between technology advancement, reliability of the computing environment, and cost containment. Processes have been established to evaluate new operating systems, browser versions, and computer hardware to determine when new versions will be made available and when prior versions will be no longer be supported. 

To be compliant with UW System IT Asset Management policies campus owned and leased IT assets, including desktops, laptops and printers are inventoried and relevant information tracked and reported. 

When computers are not actively being used ICIT will store them on behalf of the department in designated inventory.  A Repurpose to Stock request can be submitted to request ICIT pick-up and store unused computers. ICIT will determine if the device meets the criteria for continued use on the campus network. If the device no longer meets the criteria to be on the campus network, or the department no longer wants the device, a Surplus IT Equipment request can be submitted. ICIT will dispose of the asset.

Computers held by ICIT in departmental inventory can be redeployed to other individuals in the department by submitting a Repurpose to User request. The device will be re-imaged and setup for the new user. 

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