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Course Evaluation

ICIT provides course evaluation services that allow students to evaluate academic courses and instructors. Evaluation services are available using either an online methodology (the Class Climate system from Scantron) or in a traditional print format.



Course Evaluation Features

  • Online Course Evaluations can be used with any type of course - in person, hybrid or totally online!
  • Evaluations can be used during Fall, Winterim, Spring and Summer semesters!
  • Tabulated reports are created and sent to department chairs / designates after each evaulation period.
  • Students are notified via email when evaluations are available.
  • Students can access the evaluations directly inside of their Canvas course.

Getting started with Course Evaluations

The online course evaluation system, Class Climate, can be used for any type of course, whether it is a traditional classroom course, a hybrid course, or a course that is entirely online. It can be used for either 8-week, 16-week, summer or Winterim courses.

Evaluations are sent to students via email; students complete the form and submit, and the central system tabulates the results and sends a completed report to department chairs and their designates.

Online Course Evaluation Schedule

Spring 2023 8W1 8W2 16W
Self-Service Scheduling Opens 2/13/2023 4/12/2023 3/20/2023
Self-Service Scheduling Due 3/6/2023 4/27/2023 4/20/2023
Evaluations Open 3/8/2023 5/1/2023 4/24/2023
Evaluations Close (11:59 pm) 3/14/2023 5/6/2023 5/6/2023
Participation Report Delivery 3/15/2023 5/8/2023 5/8/2023
Final Report Delivery 3/27/2023 5/31/2023 5/31/2023

Current Online Evaluation Process Followed by online evals team

Step 1

Online evals team will generate an extract of all classes/sections from WINS

  • This extract will be pulled out of WINS after the last day that students can add classes

Step 2

The generated spreadsheets will be sent to ADAs/Department Chairs

  • Selection Spreadsheets will be sent two days after the term’s final “add” date.

Step 3

ADAs/Department Chairs will work with instructional faculty to denote which class/section they would like surveyed and submit the questions they would like asked for each class and section

  • Online evaluations will follow the instructor’s primary department from HRS. Please be aware of this when noting course additions or selections.
  • The ADAs/Department Chairs will compile the information from instructional faculty and note that on the selection spreadsheet.
  • Selection Spreadsheets from the ADAs/Department Chairs are due back to ICIT on the Friday of the week following the week the selection spreadsheets were sent to ADAs/Department Chairs. These spreadsheets will include either the questions to be asked or a reference to a previous term’s questionnaire to be used in surveying.
  • Any responses received from the Dean's designee, ADA or Department Chair after the “Selection Spreadsheet due to ICIT date”, will require approval from the Provost’s Office.
  • For class/section, which is to be surveyed but no questions are provided, will get the default questionnaire for that department (if one exists), otherwise no survey will be sent.
  • If a Class/Section is not listed in the selection spreadsheet sent to Dean's designees, ADAs or Department Chairs, we expect them to note it in the selection spreadsheet. It is expected that Dean's designees, ADAs or Department Chairs will work with the Registrar’s Office to register this change in WINS. This will ensure that the change will be included in the final class/section extract from WINS to the course evaluation tool. If this step is not performed, then no surveys will be sent out.
  • All survey and questionnaire requests will need to be routed through the Dean's designee, ADA or Department Chair.
  • If you would like a course surveyed that is not taught by an instructor in your department, it is your responsibility to note that course and instructor name in the course selection spre3adsheet as well as the questions/questionnaire you would like used.
  • Courses with zero student enrollment will not be included in the final WINS import.

Step 4

Once the selection spreadsheets are returned to ICIT, the selections entered in the spreadsheet by the ADAs/Department Chair will be used to develop the online surveys in Online Course Evaluation tool

  • This process will take two weeks to create all surveys and develop the confirmation spreadsheets.
  • Cross-listed course surveys will follow the instructor's department. Co-taught courses will receive a separate survey for each instructor.

Step 5

ICIT will pull a final class/section extract from WINS after the final drop date for the term. This extract will then be uploaded to include the student data and final course data in online survey tool and create the surveys for the term. This extract will include all students who are currently enrolled in the class/section.

  • The extract will be pulled from WINS after the final drop date of the term
  • Classes/sections without enrollment at this point will not be included in the student extract from WINS to online course evaluation survey tool. 
  • Class/section with an instructor listed as TBD and/or No Room Assignment will not be included in the student extract from WINS to online course evaluation survey tool.

Step 6

The online evals team will send out a confirmation spreadsheet to the ADAs/Department Chair. This spreadsheet will provide them an opportunity to confirm that:

  • The correct class/section they selected on the selection spreadsheet is being surveyed
  • The questions they selected on the selection spreadsheet are accurately reflected in the survey
  • This will be the final opportunity for changes, additions, or corrections. It is expected that all changes will be collated by the ADA or Department Chair before sending to ICIT Evals team.
  • Any new course additions at this stage will need to be approved by the Dean and Provost’s Office
  • ADAs / Department Chairs will have one week to respond during the confirmation process with any changes or additions. After that point, any changes will need approval from the Dean and Provost’s office

Step 7

Online Course Evaluations Open / Close

  • For 16-week/Regular terms, surveys will open 10 business days before 11:59 on the last day of class for that term and close at 11:59 pm on the last day of classes for that term.
  • For eight-week and shorter terms (except Winterim): open surveys five business days before 11:59 pm on the last day of classes for that term and close at 11:59 pm on the last day of classes for that term.
  • For Winterim: open surveys three business days before 11:59 pm on the last day of classes for that term and close at 11:59 pm on the last day of classes for that term. 
  • Instructors will receive a notification the Monday before surveys open informing them that surveys will be deployed and encouraging them to request that their students complete the surveys in their email.
  • Students will receive an email alerting them to the surveys opening on the survey open date. On that date, they will also note a link within their D2L that will allow them to access their survey. When they complete the survey, the link in their D2L will no longer appear.
  • Students will receive up to three email reminders to complete their survey (if they haven’t already) while surveys are open. These reminders will include the date that surveys close as well as a link to their specific survey.
  • ICIT will not extend survey close dates without prior approval from the Provost’s Office. All requests will need to be routed through the Dean's designee, ADA or Department Chair.
  • Instructors whose courses have not received 40% participation half-way through the survey period will receive an email alerting them to that fact. They will then be able to encourage students to complete the surveys before the close date.

Step 8

Participation reports will be sent starting the day after surveys close to ADAs as a spreadsheet for distribution to instructors.

  • Participation Reports Sent: two days after evaluations close

Step 9

Final reports will be sent to all instructors for which they were requested (on the initial selection spreadsheet) one week following the final grades due date.

  • Requests for Special Reports will be evaluated on a case by case basis. All requests should be routed through the Dean's designee, ADA or Department Chair to
  • ADAs and Department Chairs will automatically be sent the reports for all completed surveys for their department the day following final grades are due. They will be sent as a .zip file containing the .pdf reports for all of their department’s surveys.

In order to streamline the billing process, please make sure to enter your department's 10-digit org code that should be used for chargebacks for this service in the survey questionnaire spreadsheet from step 2. As indicated in the Service Level Agreement, there is a $0.07 charge per evaluation sent.

  • Instructors with courses using Class Climate evaluations will receive an email by the "Message to Instructors" date above with the details of the evaluation process, including evaluation dates and information to provide their students.
  • You may choose to have your department's evaluations run during the alternative evaluation period.
  • Please email before the "Questionnaire & Report Request Deadline" date above if you would like to select the alternative evaluation period for your department.
  • The final reports delivered to the department will consist of a single ZIP file which contains each of your department's individual PDF reports rather than one single PDF file.
  • The final evaluation reports will be emailed as PDF files to the department chairs and their designees on by the Participation Report Delivery date listed above.
  • Instructors will only receive the results of their evaluations upon your request. Based on the previous semester's settings, your instructors will not receive their results.
  • Instructors who would like a report of the students that completed their evaluations may request this report by emailing These reports will be sent within two business days from the closing of the evaluation window. (Instructors will be notified of this option in the email sent to them on the "Message to Instructors" date listed above.
  • Please reply to this message by the "Final Reports Delivered" date listed above if you would like to designate any additional recipients for your department's results or if you would like to change your choice for whether instructors receive their results.

Below are sample timelines for various course term types. These are general timelines, and will be adjusted each term to take into account holidays and other university schedule changes.

Regular Term (16W) Courses:

8W1 Course:

8W2 Course:

The traditional print format for course evaluations requires departments to purchase pre-formatted answer sheets, and manually distribute in class for students to complete. The completed evaluation forms are hand-delivered to the Help Desk, where the machine-readable answer sheets are scanned and processed, and the results are distributed in PDF format. Once scanned, the evaluations are then mailed back via intercampus mail. The printed Course Evaluation Services are provided by ICIT's Network Operations Center (NOC).

Contact:, x1149

Drop Off Location: ICIT Help Desk

Evaluations must be completed using a No. 2 pencil.

Departments are charged $0.12 per evaluation.

For all courses (3-week, 8-week, or 16-week), the deadline for making prep requests is two weeks prior to the end of the final day of classes.

Results are sent to the academic department associate's campus email account. If you need assistance printing, please contact the Help Desk at x4357. Emailed results are in PDF format. During peak end of semester times (January or May), evaluations results can take up to a month to process.

The Course Evaluation Advisory Group is comprised of a department chair and administrator from each college, a student from each college, ICIT representatives and is convened by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The group was created to help manage and oversee the online course evaluation process that takes place after each term. 

This group will:

  • improve communications related to the Class Climate course evaluation tool
  • funnel issues from instructors & departments to ICIT
  • review policies and procedures
  • suggest improvements and revisions that benefit the implementation and use of Class Climate
  • communicate issues & problems to ICIT
  • review improvements in response to the issues, and make policy decisions on things such as setting survey deadlines and exceptions to stated policies (e.g., late surveys, opening surveys late for students).

Current advisory group members are as follows:

College / Department Members
Arts and Communication Eileen Hayes and Jeff Herriott
Business and Economics Kelly Delaney-Klinger and Sara Deschner
Education and Professional Studies Amy Stevens and Andrea Ednie
Letters and Sciences Margo Kleinfeld, Susan Johnson
Integrated Studies Patrica Clasen and Kimberly Kostka
ICIT Kevin Behringer, Eric Loepp
Provost Office Kristin Plessel
Student Representatives Kate Omernik, Liana Opitz, Lydia Korn, Abdel Hamed

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