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course repo

Course Repository (Course Repo)

Course Repo is a specialized storage repository for student based course data and assignments.  This storage offering is designed for courses that have unique file needs which cannot be met by other existing storage solutions.

Course Repo contains the following storage items:

  • Classwork Storage. Student Specific folders for individual courses which must be requested every semester.
  • Speciality Storage. Course related storage that is tied to an overall department or course.  This storage is setup via a one time request.

The storage repository can be accessed on both campus computers and personal computers.  Additional instructions are located at: Course Repo Documentation.

Instructors who would like a Course Repo space created for their class should contact the Learning Technology Center.

Course Repo can be easily accessed on both on campus and off campus.  Follow the guides below to get started.

Accessing Course Repo in a Lab / Classroom

Accessing Course Repo in an Office

Accessing Course Repo off campus and from personal computers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Instructors who would like a Course Repo storage created for their classroom should contact the Learning Technology Center.

Storage can be access by going to drive "U:" on any Windows PC on campus.  Mac lab machines will have a "udrive" shortcut on the desktop.  For step by step instructtions, please visit the Course Repo Training/Documentation.

There is a process setup that will automatically grant access for late adds.  This process will run on a scheduled basis for the first 2 weeks of each semester.  The same process will also remove access for students who drop the course, but it will not delete any of the student data.

The classwork storage folders must be requested every semester.  Folders older than one year are removed on an annual basis every summer.  Communications will be sent via email directly to impacted users before the folders are removed.

The specialized storage folders will be reviewed on a yearly basis and communications will be sent to the folder owners to confirm they are still being used.