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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) provides secure access to UW-Whitewater and UW System applications when used in conjunction with a Net-ID login. Duo MFA provides an extra layer of protection by requiring users to verify their identity via the Duo Mobile app or One-Time Password (OTP) from a supported token or fob.




MFA Features

  • A simple and secure user interface.
  • Monitoring and verification of devices used to authenticate.
  • Ensures only legitimate users can access resources, limiting possible exposures.

Getting Started with MFA

Currently, MFA is needed for systems that have been deemed High Risk such as systems that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial, or health data. All employees, both staff and students, need to have MFA with Duo set up at the time they are hired.

WINS, SFS, HRS, ShopUW+, ImageNow, Point N’ Click, Outlook (desktop app and O365), Office 365, and Maxient are some examples of applications that require MFA.  The number of applications requiring MFA will begin to increase as we increase security on more applications. Students who need elevated rights to WINS will use Duo MFA via the X-ID system. Students who are employed on campus will be required to authenticate with Duo for all required systems, not just to access HRS.

According to the security requirements of UW-System, the MFA provisioning process will require you to be properly credentialed. Employees who require MFA access will start by contacting Human Resources and Diversity (HR&D). HR&D will verify your identity by reviewing two (2) forms of identification:

  • UW-W Affiliation: Hawkcard Card (UW-W ID card), UW-W Health card, HR Verification Form, Notary Public Form.
  • Government-issued ID: State-issued Photo ID, US Military Card, Passport.

In addition, employees are required to sign the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Policy Form. Once identity has been confirmed and the policy form completed, access will be enabled using a smartphone app (preferred) or physical token/fob. Employees who choose the fob will need to submit a department Org Code for fob charges. For more information on the use of a personal phone for official university business, we recommend UW-System's MFA Frequently Asked Questions.

Student employees are required to have MFA on their accoutns for access to HRS and other systems. They should follow the new enrollee process.

Student employees that need elevated access in WINS should continue to follow the current process through their supervisor, who will contact the ICIT Help Desk. Students should be issued an X-ID* and users of X-IDs may only use the hardware fob. Please see Multi-factor Authentication Guidelines for X-IDs and Department FOB Administrators.

*X-IDs are shared credentials not associated with a specific user and are used by student employees.

Current MFA users who need additional application access should contact the ICIT Help Desk.

UW-Whitewater has enabled Duo MFA to check operating systems, browser versions as well as Java and Flash plugins when users login to Duo protected service(s) on any device (campus-owned or personal). If any of them are out of date, Duo MFA will provide notification, and give users the option to update that software before logging in to the service.

  • Starting May 2, 2022 through August 28, 2022 individuals will receive a warning about out-of-date software (indicated above) when using Duo MFA.
  • After August 29, 2022, any out-of-date software use (browsers, operating systems, Java or Flash) will be blocked until updates are performed.

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