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Printing Services

Faculty and Staff

All UW-Whitewater employees have the ability to print to network connected or local printers using UW-W owned office computers. Printing from personal computers or laptops is not available at this time. 

To print to a network printer you will need to map to the applicable print queue.

  • For Windows Devices:
    • Browse the start menu to the folder "UWW" then select "Install Printers" (See Image)
    • Double Click the printer you want to install
    • Once completed, the print queue window will still be open (this can then be closed)
  • For Mac Devices:
    • Open the Self Service application located in the Applications directory on your Mac
    • Click the Printers section on the left-hand side
    • Click the Install button for the printer you want to install
      • Note: The driver installation on Macs can take up to 10 minutes in some cases
    • The printer item will show complete when finished.

Service Request

If you would need to purchase a printer for use in your office, please contact Technology Purchasing.  
*Note - you will need approval from your manager to purchase.


Black and White Printing

Students can print university-related materials in the General Access Computer Labs. Black and white printing is free for students, however use is monitored. You must have an active Net-ID in order to print.  

Color Printing

Color printing is available in the Andersen Media Lab located within Andersen Lab 1008. Prices for color printing vary, depending upon paper type and size.  

Printing From A Personal Computer or Mobile Device

UW-Whitewater students have the ability to print documents and files from personal computers and mobile devices in general access computer labs, simply use one of the following methods. (NOTE: Files larger than 25 MB cannot be printed using this method)  

  1. Smartphone Method:
    • Using your email account, attach your document(s) or file(s) to an email and send it to
    • Once complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to print. Use this method when printing from iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

  2. Personal Windows or Mac Device Method:
    • Ensure you are connected to the campus network
    • Browse to
    • Login using your Net-ID
    • Click the Web Print link on the left side
    • Click Submit a Job
    • Click Upload Documents
    • Drag the file you wish to print to the “Drag file here” box or click Upload from computer and browse to the file you wish to print
      • Note: Common files types are supported as noted
    • Click Upload & Complete
    • You can see the status of you print job on the next screen
      • Note: Depending on the volume of Mobile Print jobs the rendering process can take some time.  For more information see the Status section

Toner and paper are available in your office area and can be replaced without ICIT assistance. If you need training for your printer and how to perform these functions, please contact us to schedule training.

If you experience any technical issues or malfunctions, please contact the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) or via email at


Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact the Technology Support Center at 262-472-HELP (4357) or

Print FAQs

You can print from your mobile device on any campus printer with a print release station. Printers with print release stations are typically found in General Access Computer Labs.

Color printing and scanning is available in the Andersen Media Lab, located in room 1008 in Andersen Library. Prices for color printing are dependent upon paper type and size.

Yes. Print jobs sent from a mobile device or personal computer can be no larger than 50MB. To print files larger than 50MB, you will need to utilize a campus computer.

No. When sending print job from a mobile device or personal computer, a email address is required.

  • Microsoft Word Documents (.doc & .docx)
  • Excel Files (.xlsx & .xlsm) 
  • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)
  • PDF files
  • Image files (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, etc.)
  • Text files (.csv, .rtf, .txt)
  • Visio files

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