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Webex Meetings, Events, and Web Conferencing

Web and video conferencing tools enable UW-Whitewater faculty, staff and students to easily collaborate with people from around the globe.

What is "Webex Meetings?"

Webex Meetings is an online web conferencing tool that allows you to meet with colleagues or classmates anywhere in the world using your internet connection and web browser. With Webex Meetings, you can host virtual meetings online using audio and video, share presentations and files, chat (IM) with others and conduct online presentations using screen sharing. 

What is Cisco Telepresence Video Conferencing?

The Cisco Telepresence video conferencing units are flexible, high-quality video systems designed to help campus administrators and staff members easily connect with groups of colleagues across the UW System. These multipurpose collaboration rooms eliminate geographic boundaries by enabling secure voice, video and presentation sharing with other organizations and universities. 

What is the difference between Webex Meetings and Telepresence? 

Webex: Webex Meetings can be used by UW-Whitewater students, faculty or staff to connect to internal and external meeting participants. Each participant uses their own computer to join the video conference. 

Telepresence Video Conferencing Unit (faculty and staff only): Telepresence units can be used to create video conference meetings with remote UW System colleges, and other Telepresence-enabled organizations. Users join Webex Meetings using a Telepresence unit to connect to others instead of using individual computers. This way, multiple participants can be in the same room and using Webex Meetings to connect to virutal attendees.

How to Login to Webex Meetings:

You can log into Webex by going to Login using your Net-ID and password. We highly recommend downloading the Webex Meetings App to your computer for full functionality (syncing with Outlook email and calendar) and to quickly launch meetings. 

Note:  You may have to click on the Webex Meeting page to bring up the login button.

Who Can Access Webex Meetings?

  • Faculty, Staff, Students: All UW-Whitewater faculty, staff and students have the ability to create, host and join Webex Meetings. Host virtual meetings containing up to 1000 participants as well as share files, chat face-to-face using video, and share your screen to display professional virtualized presentations.
  • Other: Participants outside of the UW-Whitewater organization can join a Webex meeting if they have the Webex meeting link and password.

Webex Meetings Features:

  • Host virtual office hours: Students and instuctors, keep in touch wherever you are through virtual meetings. 
  • Easily give or take control: Simple screen sharing and control toggles allow for seamless collaboration.
  • Canvas integration: Quickly schedule and start meetings from Canvas through the Education Connector. Be sure to follow these steps to get started and authorize Webex in each of your classes. 
  • Flexible device compatibility: The collaboration room allows you connect with other web-conferencing tools other than Webex.
  • Works with your existing calendar: With calendar integration, meetings are automatically added to Outlook, Office 365, and Google. For the best experience, download the Webex Meetings App.
  • Record a meeting: It's easy to record a meeting and share with anyone who couldn't attend. After the meeting, you will receive an email notification the recording is ready. It is saved in your account at
  • Notes and annotations: The intuitive notepad feature allows you to take notes without having to leave your meeting. You can also annotate during your presentation or meeting.
  • Polling: Presenters can use a poll to create and share questionnaires. Polls can be useful fro gathering feedback, taking votes, or testing knowledge.
  • Whiteboard: Use the virtual whiteboard in a Webex Meeting to collaborate with participants. Work from a blank whiteboard or open and annotate documents, images, and other files.

Other Webex Suite Solutions Available to UW-Whitewater Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Events: Host real-time online events on a large scale (up to 1,000 participants). Share files and presentations as well as interact with participants using interactive features such as web-polling, Q&A, and chat.  
  • Training: Deliver interactive training classes online, using audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, breakout sessions, and hands-on learning labs. Testing, tracking and grading capabilities are included.
  • Support: Provide support for up to 5 users per session. Integrated high-quality video allows for real-time video chatting with audio. Allow support personnel to observe and troubleshoot software and system problems remotely. Reboot and reconnect to a user without losing your support session, even while in safe mode.  Allow support technicians to take control of your screen to troubleshoot and diagnose problems quickly.

Who can Access Telepresence Video Conferencing?

UW-Whitewater campus administrators, faculty and staff can reserve Cisco Telepresence video rooms through 25Live and hold video conferences using Webex Meetings. Faculty and staff can also connect to Webex Meetings with a web browser or the Webex Meetings App from their comptuers and mobile devices. 

Where are the Telepresence-enabled rooms located?

  • Andersen Library 1230A (Classroom)
  • Andersen Library 1007
  • Hyer 142
  • Hyer 335
  • Hyland 2100 (Classroom)
  • Hyland 2200 (Classroom)
  • Laurentide 1015
  • McGraw 1
  • Winther 1006
  • Winther 1010
  • Winther 1011
  • Winther 1013
  • Winther 2001 (Classroom)


Webex Meetings

Webex Events

Teleconferencing using Webex Meetings in specific campus rooms:

Cisco Support Center:

Webex Meetings for Mobile Devices


Cisco offers both live and recorded quick classes on using Webex Meetings. Their 30 minute 'Overview of Webex Meetings' provides instruction on scheduling and running a meeting. Cisco also offers deeper dives into Webex Meetings to help you learn more about all the capablities available to you. 

To view our current in-person, on-campus training scheduled sessions, visit

Custom consulting and training services are also available. To schedule a small-group or one-on-one training session, customized to cover topics relevant to your team’s needs and available schedule, email

Webex Support

Users experiencing technical issues can contact the Help Desk during business hours:


  262-472-HELP (4357)
  Andersen Library 2000

Help Desk Hours

Fall/Spring: M-Th 8:00am-8:00pm
Fall/Spring: Fridays 8:00am-4:30pm
Summer/Winter: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm

Outside of Help Desk hours, users can call Webex 24/7 support directly for help.


  U.S. and Canada Toll-Free 1-866-229-3239
  International Toll +1 916-636-9000

Self-Service Support

Help articles:

Test a Webex Meeting

Want to make sure Webex works on your computer?  Try a test meeting.

Note: Please notify the Help Desk if Webex is reporting a widespread outage so that we may notify all staff and faculty.