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LTC Recording Studio

The LTC Studio was designed and built from the ground up to be a flexible recording space for instructional material.


Recordings can be scheduled in or online form available at: Schedule Recording Appointment. Usage fees may apply.


The studio offers 4 different canvas backgrounds that can be used for recordings.

LTC Studio - Green Screen Example
Green Screen (Chroma Key)

LTC Studio - Blue Screen Example
Blue Screen (Chroma Key)

LTC Studio - Golden Harvest Example
Golden Harvest (Canvas)

LTC Studio - Gelation Example
Gelation (Canvas)

Lighting Grid

The lighting grid was designed to be flexible, and allow for a variety of lighting angles.  We use daylight balanced lights from FloLight.  These lights allows us to maintain a good color temperature, without the heat that is put off by halogen style lamps.

studio light grid


We have teleprompter that is mounted right to the camera, so your eyes are always looking in the right location.  The teleprompter accepts Microsoft Word and text documents.  The speed is controlled by our recording technician and can be adjusted on the fly to meet your presentation style.

studio teleprompter

Recording Equipment

We are currently utilzing a Canon XF-305 camcorder, which is hooked into a Newtek Tricaster.  This allows us to record high quality HD video and do on-the-fly chroma key applications.  Using this technology, we are able to greatly speed up the delivery time of the final product.

ltc studio xf305

If you have any questions about the space or if you would like to schedule an apointment, please contact the Learning Technology Center.