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Desktop Support Service Guidelines

Our desktop support guidelines are based on established University IT standards for hardware, peripherals and software. Additionally, defined impact levels guide support staff in determining priorities when responding to service calls.

The definitions of various impact levels and the support service response to each impact level are outlined below to offer the user community a better understanding of what service can be expected from the ITS support staff under a given circumstance.

Definitions of Impact Levels and Response Times

If you are experiencing a problem that interrupts normal operations, or would like to request service related to a university computer, please contact the Helpdesk (472-4357 or The Helpdesk will respond to the incident based upon its priority and impact.

The definition of each impact level and the support service response to each level is provided below:

Level Description Example(s) Response Target Resolution Target
Impact Level 1 Multiple users are directly affected.(For example: servers, classrooms, and labs) No workaround solutions are available. Loss of function has serious and immediate negative impact on teaching or critical administrative activities. Classroom presentation by faculty, or an administrative  deadline falls into this category. Plus no temporary and workable alternative is available. 30 minutes 4 hours
Impact Level 2 Many users are impacted but able to work, though not as effectively. A temporary workaround is available.
  • Limited (2 or fewer) users directly affected.
  • A temporary and workable alternative is available.
  • Disruption of activity/function may have some operational impact, but it is not highly critical.
1 hour 8 hours
Impact Level 3 The issue is limited to an individual and a workaround exists.
  • New computer setup to replace an older but still operational machine.
  • Setup of computers for new students in an office.
  • It is known that a system, or component, or software upgrade is required, but computer is still functional.
  • Setup of computer peripherals, which has no critical impact on the daily activities.
4 hours 1 week
Service Request Requests for new hardware/software or other services. Installing new software. 1 day Varies by request


Scope of Service

The Helpdesk and desktop support staff will provide support for the university community on the basis of the established university hardware, software standards, and desktop support guideline. To maximize university resources, user cooperation is critical for providing efficient and timely technical support. To clarify expectations, the service calls described below are above and beyond the established levels of service, and represent inappropriate use of the university technical support resources. Additional service charges will be levied for:

  • Repeated service calls resulting from installation and/or de-installation of university supported software by unauthorized persons.
  • Repeated service calls resulting from the installation of unsupported software by unauthorized person.
  • Repeated service calls resulting from installation and/or de-installation of hardware components by unauthorized persons.
  • Repeated service calls resulting from tampering with the ITS standard desktop setup, configuration, fixes, etc., by unauthorized persons.

"Unauthorized personnel" is defined as individuals who do not have the specifically delegated responsibility for performing IT support by a division, or college, department, or administrative unit.

In response to service calls cited above, desktop support service will bill the caller on a per hour basis (30 minutes or more will be rounded to a full hour). These provisions will be strictly enforced.