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General Access Lab Policies

Student Policies

The campus network at UW-Whitewater provides access to the campus computing facilities, including electronic mail and the Internet. All UW-Whitewater students, staff and faculty can use e-mail and the Internet by first establishing a personal account on the network. Having an account is a privilege, in exchange for which you must agree to certain responsibilities:

  • Respect the fact that at UW-Whitewater the primary use of the Internet network is academic: teaching, class assignments, research and communication, and administration
  • Food and drink are allowed in the lab. Please keep the area neat by throwing away cups and food packaging.
  • Software piracy (making unauthorized copies of any copyright protected software, regardless of source) is against the law! Students caught pirating software in a lab will be warned and the action will be disallowed. If such pirating persists, the individual(s) involved in the illegal action will lose the privilege of lab use and be asked to leave the lab immediately.
  • Push in your chairs before you leave. If you have moved any of the chairs, return them to their original places.
  • Parents who bring their children into the facility must take the responsibility for the supervision and control of their child. Any child who is disruptive to other clients or causes damage to any of the equipment will be asked to leave (along with their parent). The parent shall be responsible for the costs of repairing the damage caused.
  • Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone and pager, and only use your audio device with a headset and at a volume which cannot be heard by others. Also, to avoid disrupting others, keep phone conversations quiet, or take them outside the lab.
  • Students are not permitted to install, modify or delete any software on lab computers. Software that comes with textbooks will not be able to install the software in the labs. Suggestions for new software may be made to Instructional Technologies Services.
  • All equipment in the computer labs is not to be removed, modified, relocated, or disassembled without permission from Lab Administrator.
  • Problems with computer lab equipment are to be reported to the lab personnel immediately.

The following actions are considered unacceptable and participation in them may result in disciplinary actions and the loss of your Internet account and privileges:

  • Using another person's computer account without permission
  • Intentionally disrupting the work of other people
  • Using abusive, objectionable, or threatening language in mail messages
  • Harassing other users through electronic means
  • Sending electronic chain letters
  • Causing network congestion by flooding the network with mail or lists or individuals
  • Using the network during long periods of time for non-academic purposes
  • Placing unlawful information on the network or using the network to commit a crime
  • Logging onto your personal account on the network constitutes agreement to the above guidelines. Remember that as a user of the Internet network, you are accountable for your actions when accessing network services.

Faculty Policies

  • Software to be installed for instructional use at faculty request must be given to the lab manager one month before the start of the term for which the software will be used. A copy of the installation media along with related documentation will be retained by the Lab Manager as long as the software is installed in the labs.
  • Instructors are responsible for testing software to be used in the labs in order to ensure that it is working as desired, and for providing information to students on the use of the software. Because of the range of special-purpose instructional software installed in the computer labs, lab supervisors and attendants will not be able to assist students in the use of special-purpose software.

Visitor Policies

  • Visitors wishing to use the Computer Lab will need to request permission from the Lab Administrator at least one week prior to the event
  • Visitors are expected to maintain discipline in the Computer Lab at all time.

Academic Computer Labs and Classroom Wallpaper

UW-Whitewater's lab desktop wallpaper is considered to be a part of the University brand and serves as a visible tool in communicating UW-Whitewater's logo. To ensure a consistent brand presence throughout campus, UW-Whitewater lab and classroom desktop wallpaper should follow university brand standards developed and managed by Marketing & Media Relations.

Simple guidelines for this policy are as follows:

  • As part of lab and classroom computer setup, ITS will provide a default desktop wallpaper. This wallpaper will be designed within ITS and approved by Marketing & Media Relations (MMR).
  • All Student Tech Fee funded General Access Lab computers will use a common wallpaper as designed by ITS and approved by MMR.
  • Once approved, the lab owner should submit the wallpaper file, approval information from MMR, and information on the lab location to ITS for deployment. Call the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP (4357) or email

Other guidelines

  • The wallpaper should be in .jpg format
  • Wallpaper image size should be 1920 x 1080
  • Lab owners may change the wallpaper file once per semester, twice if the second change is returning back to the previous wallpaper.
  • Wallpapers should not be used for third party advertising.
  • Common use of the wallpaper would be to inform users about changes in lab hours or employment opportunities for the lab, and similar messages.

Thank you for working together to present a consistent lab environment for students.

Disruptive Behavior

  • If disruptive behavior starts our Lab Attendants will warn the students requesting the behavior to stop.
  • If disruptive behavior ensues our Lab Attendants are instructed to ask the students to leave and will report the incident to the Lab Administrator.